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Egg Cave is quite the happening place! Visit our blog for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site — new creatures, exciting worlds, account updates, and unique activities to do!

Aug 10, 2009

5:50 pm ECT Comments: 12
We fixed a potential security issue in our "View All Friends" feature.

Additionally, Egg Cave now has an RSS feed via Feedburner. If your mail program or browser has its own RSS reader, just view the XML source and go from there. We've added an RSS button and Twitter button to our footer too (for easy access).

Our site blog has now been broken up into pages too! More advanced archive-viewing features will be available within the coming weeks.

EVOLUTION STAGE UPDATES - All of you will be pleased to hear that it's now easier to hatch your eggs. The average, common egg should take you about 7 days to hatch (with medium and rare eggs taking a bit longer). We don't want Egg Cave to be a "chore" for you guys -- you should enjoy your eggs. Rest assured (for some of you egghead veterans) that there will be more challenging eggs to obtain soon. ;)

I am now easier to hatch, in addition to all of my other egg friends!

Ark City is still underway! It should be released within the coming weeks. Tell all of your friends about Egg Cave! Your Egg Cave creatures are now being viewed 250,000 times per day! Congratulations!
Aug 8, 2009

9:26 pm ECT Comments: 9

Recently Egg Cave has encountered some downtime for several hours at multiple points throughout the day. Right now we are working with our server technicians to resolve this issue permanently, although this issue hasn't been isolated precisely just yet.

If Egg Cave ever does go down, rest assured knowing that we'll be back shortly. Egg Cave is here to stay. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


NOTE - As you could imagine, this kind of delays the release of Ark City. Also, we're working at adjusting some of the evolution stages, so it's not so difficult to hatch an egg; bear with us! Thanks again!
Aug 5, 2009

6:18 pm ECT Comments: 17
The head Construction Manager in Ark City sent me these blueprints for the city!

Jul 30, 2009

5:47 pm ECT Comments: 14
Our Account Settings page has been updated; you can now furnish your account with "Gender" and "Country" information. This is entirely optional though and is NOT required for participation at Egg Cave. See our Privacy Policy for more information on how Egg Cave treats your data.

This new gender and country data is used on our "View All Friends" feature now available on every profile. In the "Friends" section of each profile, there's now a little link that reads something like 32 friends. Click it and there you go -- ultimate friend-viewing awesomeness. This is a lot better than viewing 6 random friends of the user you're viewing. And thank goodness... it's compatible with every browser *gasp*!

Up next: user and egg search!
Jul 29, 2009

1:23 pm ECT Comments: 17
Oops! For a couple of days there, evolutions weren't being processed and your eggs didn't level up. Sorry about that! This simple issue has been fixed. Rest assured that your STATS (and egg levels) are still accurate; the images just weren't being reprocessed based on those new stats. All is well now, though! Have fun!

Help! I'm trapped in here, but I should be hatched by now!

Oh, and Ark City has been undergoing some MASSIVE construction recently. I wonder what will be found when the City officially opens to the public! Can anyone say "major site updates"? ;)
Jul 27, 2009

3:32 pm ECT Comments: 43
It's amazing that Egg Cave has only been open for 1 week and almost 2000 eggs have been created. Thanks for being a part of the newest and most exciting egghead site on the planet. :) Now... it's time for updates.

New Species - A new, mysterious species has been discovered in Ark. The species has been named Diablos by the Science and Research Center in Ark City. The SARC has seemed to gone a bit happy with the Greek language -- I wonder if the name of the species hints at some of its characteristics and qualities? Unfortunately, the SARC has not determined evolution stages at this point in time.

Emoticons - We now have emoticons around the site. All of your wall comments, blog comments, and profiles can be infused with happiness or evilness -- whatever you please to express. There's a total of 9 different emoticons.

Schedules and levels - Our update schedule has been changed slightly (by a couple of minutes). You can review the newer schedule on our FAQ page. Egg levels are no longer updated in real time either (they are updated once a day at 3:20 am ECT now).

Hunger/happiness - All creatures across Egg Cave are now demanding more food from their owners. If you don't feed your eggs, their happiness will decrease faster than before. And if your creature's happiness slips under 10, every day it'll have a 1 in 30 chance of dying. Don't let this happen!

Egg images - Egg images are now generated 96% faster due to the power of caching. Wh00t!
Jul 24, 2009

4:40 pm ECT Comments: 24
Introducing EasyCode, Egg Cave's newest feature. EasyCode will easily (ha! go figure!) generate code for multiple eggs. This is a lot more efficient than going to each individual "Get Code" page. ;) Try it out and let us know if any of the code comes out wacky. Try and break it!

There have also been some other minor site updates:
  • Your friends list is now alphabetized on the Manage Friends page
  • There is now an option to ACCEPT all friend requests
  • There is now an option to REJECT all friend requests
  • People were able to adopt 11 new eggs per day from the Cave. It was supposed to be 10. Oops. This has been fixed! :)
  • Added border="0" to each HTML code box on the "Get Code" pages (DUH!)

O hai, I has an ugly border.

Remember to report all potential bugs/errors through our Contact form. :) Thanks! This beta is going AWESOME!

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