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RullLusk the Luskrull

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RullLusk's happiness is 96 of 100.
Owned by carter           Stolen on 28 October 2013
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Species: Luskrull

Luskrull are referred to as the "red-eyed ghost" as they are often found wandering around in dense fog with only their glowing eyes visible. Anyone not paying careful attention as they walk through foggy areas may turn around to discover that one or two had been following them. No one knows what their intentions are since this creature seem incapable of showing emotion, but no instances of Luskrull hurting humans have been reported yet. However, there have been many accounts of individuals claiming to see one roaming about graveyards stealing bones to replace a broken one of their own. Other than its ghostlike appendages, the Luskrull appears to only be a skeleton made from bones of a multitude of creatures, causing people to suggest that this creature is simply a ghostly, reanimated skeleton.

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