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Sweetness the Star Tine

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Sweetness's happiness is 98 of 100.
Owned by carter           Stolen on 14 February 2010
Item Collection

Sweetness has used Essence of Litsdnats and is frozen!
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lbowe_elbow      jeanne      chloelove     


Passed 1,000,000 on 3/29/2017

*** NEVER UFT ***
Traded to me from Meg at the end of March 2012

I have searched for a Tine for what feels like forever. It had gotten to the point I felt like I would never actually have one of my very own. Then out of the blue, a wonderful person named Meg traded me this precious gift.

Thank you so much Meg. She will forever be a part of my cove and I will treasure her dearly.


From my amazing mother who has stopped playing Eggcave @Wispa

Species: Tine

Tine are a magical love creature that make Valentine's Day in Ark very exciting and unpredictable. If the slightest amount of fur from their heart-shaped tails rub up against you (which is virtually impossible to avoid if you have one), you'll instantly fall in love. The bad part is you do not have control who you fall in love with. Thankfully, their magical power only works on February 13 and 14 and wears off as soon as the clock hits midnight.

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