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Sheldon the Mo

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Sheldon's happiness is 97 of 100.
Owned by lilones           Stolen on 21 March 2011
Item Collection

Sheldon has used Essence of Litsdnats and is frozen!
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jeanne      dusskfall     


121159 total Monthly views October
132201 total monthly views November
136426 total monthly views December 2011

One day egg total views 4,614 - Nov 1st

Yeah I made the leader board on Sept 5 number 13

Sept 23 number 1 104764 total views level 35233

total Views for September as of Sept 29 - 99,853
Yearly Views 126805

Species: Mo

Mo eggs are, obviously, shiny and pretty. So shiny that they sparkle even at night (yes -- without a light source)! Mo eggs are, currently, the most coveted egg in Ark; they are extremely rare. If you do happen to obtain one of these eggs, it's best not to tell anybody. The chances of Mo eggs being stolen are rather high. If you have a Mo egg and ever think somebody is plotting to kill you or steal the egg, report it to the authorities at the Town Hall.

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