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Asakura_Hao the Scorbis

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Owned by darexxis           Stolen on 31 October 2012
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Species: Scorbis

Scorbis typically reside in dens which are dug beneath rock outcroppings as a means of protection against the harsh desert climate of the Northern Plains. It is within this central den where a small pack of Scorbis rest until nightfall. These nocturnal predators will prowl the vast desert in search for both living and dead creatures to be used as nourishment for the pack.

Growing upon the backs of Scorbis is an arachnid-like exoskeleton that ends in a segmented tail with a venomous barb. The fast-acting venom within the barbed tip of Scorbis tails is used to ward off attackers and to paralyze prey. A single dosage of venom from a matured Scorbis tail is powerful enough to even paralyze a fully grown Marlay.

Ancient Arkian mythology explains the role of Scorbis as "Overseers of the Dead" and how they connect with the origin of Mummars. In exchange for the meal that the fallen bodies of prey provide, Scorbis offered them a chance to live once more but at the cost of becoming a loyal servant. These mummified servants, now known as Mummars, roamed the island of Ark to decide the fate of the recently departed and those on the brink of death.

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