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This is not your typical pokemon roleplay where pokemon are all happy lovey dovey and are willing to battle against others. Is it really ethical for someone to be captured against their will and forced to fight? It's barbaric!


You are a pokemon who lives peacefully in the wild - until the…
Welcome, feel free to talk about anything #Pokemon !

It's been a HUGE day today!

Super Mega Update
Pokemon Bank has been updated so you can transfer Pokemon from the earlier games to Pokemon Sun and Moon. This means you can complete your national PokeDex!

Using Pokemon…
Welcome one and all to the Pokemon Club where we celebrate all things Pokemon!

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Find out more details in post…
Setting: Just outside Snowpoint City, Sinnoh.

Plot: With the holiday season in full swing, tourists and trainers of all kinds are flocking to Snowpoint City. Some are there to view the holiday decorations, play in the snow, or cherish a "white Christmas"; others are there to partake in the annual Mistletoe Tournament, a three-event contest consisting of…
#PokemonSummerCampRP 2000 POSTS! YAS!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME has the most posts out of ANY active role play! you guys are the best!

Hi guys! I am doing yet another Pokemon role play. This one is a Summer camp role play. This one doesn't have much of a story line.
(This may be a flop, but it's an idea I've been wanting to try for a while. Linebreaker if you're interested?)

Nestled in the quiescent hills near Celadon City, Kanto is the Saxon Pokemon Ranch. While the scenery is leisurely, characterized by knee-high grass and blue-sky weather, the ranch itself is anything but sleepy. Ranch hands rise…
Welcome to the Pokemon Hunger Games!
There is a point to winning, you'll get a pet from me, and maybe some items!

Anyways, this works like ten normal hunger games, and I'll use a generator to determine the events, and the winner.

[b]You can enter up to four…
Hello and welcome to the region of Neustoria a land filled with a mixed variety of Sinnoh, Kanto and Unova Pokemon. You are either a new residence of Neustoria, and Traveling trainer, and local gym leader or you work for the Poaching Organization of the RAIDERS and SEARCHERS. Scientists and many other roles are available to play or you can…
@crystalstars LOL. XD CASTFORM HAS ARRIVED #pokemon XD
@idatealizardboy Omggosh. o: It looks like espeon. #pokemon Nice work. I love last stage.

Sorry for the wait...

Charlotte showed the kids around the place, while trying to not bump into humans, because it could cause problems,"You know I missed you Meema? I have an idea! How about coming to my land, it's a little cold, but with your fur, I think you could handle the temperatures…