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My username is doyoueverwonder

My idea is that there are people who escaped from a Cat Addict Asylum and are running from the SWAT Team.

They meet EC creatures along the way and try to defeat the SWAT Team, with CANDY!

Hashtag will be #SugarBuzz
#SugarBuzz #SugarBuzzPg5

They all explored the wonderful place, till some more of those Tivers told them to come to the "Great Candy Hall".

Monty, Alexis, and Yuki had to fight the Tiver crowd and managed to make their way towards a large building with cappuccinos on the sides.

"Those cappuccinos are…
#SugarBuzz #SugarBuzzPg4

(there will be wrong spellings for some creatures, sorry!)

Monty, Alexis, and Yuki just stared. How many strange creatures were there? Slowly, they started to creep out of the shadows.

There were three particular ones that each of the kids liked. Alexis favored the green and…

I like the idea of a new thread. But for now, I'll just post another page.

#SugarBuzz #SugarBuzzPg3

A couple more creatures started crawling out of cracks in the cave.

One was called Yeep. Another called Onnekas. And another called Cyprinus! The three children…
[center]Hello you! How are you? Great? Good. I'm such a good conversation starter. Lol, nope. Well, anyways, since you requested it, here it is! Here I'm going to list the current mods, stories and other forum in case you're lost. Here things will be edited, written, etc. to keep the other forum for one thing. I'll soon be adding another…