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awesomesauce, thank you so much! (??o?)
I'm 99.999% sure this is not already a feature but let me know if I am wrong!

Although I think Notifications can be really helpful, they can also be a bit irritating.

For example, someone comments on your wall, you click the notification to close it, you go to a different page, and…
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Introducing, the Cheryth! < 3 I haven't been on Egg Cave in a loonggg time so I'm sorry if this isn't original / not that great? ;v; Please let me know if you have any suggestions so I can improve this idea!

I've included some information on it below, I'd…
i have an abundance of travels i don't need, so welcome to my travel shop! i am open to offers of ec, cc, or creatures. not looking for other travels or items. please make your offer first, and then we can negotiate

i've just returned from a hiatus of a few years, so i'm very unsure…