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Nice idea.
It looks like a dragon with nature superpowers ... nice job!

By the way, you have to put #creaturesuggestion in the post, not in the title. Here you have, I put it in a post for you.
#creaturesuggestion @Ian
@swimforlife Your supposed to hash it with #creaturesuggestion .-.
Just put #creaturesuggestion in your post for ian to comr
Cute! I like it.
Hi! Somewhere in the post you need to put #creaturesuggestion. But other than that, it looks great!
@dreamhunter Oops wrong key, I meant #creaturesuggestion.
This is so cute!!!!!! Love it!
@euro22 It's awesome! #creaturesuggestion tag it with that But you need a description...
I mean that your supposed to put #creaturesuggestion in the first post, so Ian can see it faster
@diiamond You should ping me if you're replying to me @username_here. Add the hashtag #creaturesuggestion into your post too so the EC staff can see :]
I really like it! Also, you need to put #creaturesuggestion somewhere in the post! XD Nice job!