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[center]Hello everyone, I made a topic where we can all share our writing together as a group. Hashtags will be an essential part of helping us find next chapters or just list the next post number when you updated plus the hashtag.

Our writing topic >>

Application to join:
[center]Hello you! How are you? Great? Good. I'm such a good conversation starter. Lol, nope. Well, anyways, since you requested it, here it is! Here I'm going to list the current mods, stories and other forum in case you're lost. Here things will be edited, written, etc. to keep the other forum for one thing. I'll soon be adding another…


Tristin looked around her forest. ”Mama? Why is it burning?” she asked, horrified.
Lucy hugged her close and spread her wings.

”It’s the T.Y., Tris,” she whispered and launched Tristin and herself into the air. Tristin whimpered and opened her mouth…