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About Whail eggs
The midnight blue egg shimmers in the moonlight. A single teardrop remains evident on the egg, gleaming with the egg. It consistently rains near the egg, radiating a gloomy feel. The egg commonly appears upon saddening events, such…
@valleries1 Great! You're in! Have you seen the #whail, my newest creature suggestion?
Whales Deserve A Chance!
In EggCave, there are very few whale creatures. With CRW2K17 being dragon themed, it gives up little hope for a new whale creature. So, I am creating a new group.


There are TONS of dragons. Literally TONS. There are 36 dragons compared to our…
@spiritkeeper5 of course I would let you join! You're added.

Make sure to check out #Whail, my newest creature suggestion!