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Added! You didn't add the #EOTYC hashtag to your profile description though.
@fakeworld Are we allowed to add to our status as long as "All hail the common #EOTYC " remains?
Your status cannot have anything else apart from "All hail the common #EOTYC" so you'll be accepted after you change your status to just that sorry ^^;
Username: @elivelton_white
Common: Sonserina
Nup it ain't too late ;D
Just read the rules again.. You don't really meet the requirements o.o
You need to change your status into 'All hail the common #EOTYC'

I would like to join, please! ^^

Username: Firedawn

Okay @fakeworld will pull you out ;D
Hey you haven't met the requirements... Read the rules again ;D A common has to be your profile pic and your status has to be 'All hail the common #EOTYC '

Username: @Cutiecupcake

Creature: Alfredo the Pangolin


Adding #EOTYC to my profile now

Omg I've been looking forward to this since I didn't participate last time!!
Ya just need to change your Status ("All hail the common #EOTYC") and change your profile pic, but you stated that you'll do that after so... Not sure about this, the creator of this challenge will have to see

I have some questions about this:

1) Is it too late to join?

2) Can I still have I Chris on my status with the "All hail the common #EOTYC"? I can put it after the All hail... if a problem?
I know kinda a silly question but…
Missing a few things... Read the rules again Your status has to be changed to 'All hail the common #EOTYC' and your profile pic has not be changed and the link does not match your profile pic o.o Your profile pic's not a common yet ^^;
Accpeted @fakeworld will add you…
Oh no, there's a phrase you need to put as your status and not just "#EOTYC" itself. Re-read the very beginning of the topic

You have to update your status and change your profile creature to the common you're entering with and you'll be good to go.


May I join too?

Username: @say

Creature: [img][/img]

( Ferroseed the Honk)

Username: @leonx