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@izziebee1017 anything in my cove ot in the gifts,Nft or club WOAP tab? Also club woap has a comp on u should check it out #woap
@feonix Thank you!!! also it's #woap XD
@wild_wonders Lol XD But no they dont go to woap they go to my giveaway / sale but anything I earn in that sale will go to #woap ^^ So what can u donate?
~ ? ~ January Newsletter ~ ? ~
Issue 2, 11.01.17
Keep up with all the news at #WOAP!
Written by columist @Leafmelody

? Fresh Start ?
I've decided that there has been enough votes to continue #WOAP Unfortunately, half the people on the member list aren't even active sooo o.O…

I'll get more prizes for the raffle!

It's good to be in the club!

December Contest
Mascot Drawing Contest
Want to draw to your hearts content? Go ahead This month, for the contest, you have to design a new mascot for our magnificent club Use your imagination! Stretch your brain!

Deadline (If enough people join, at least 5 )
31.12.16 11:59:59 pm…
~ ? ~ December Newsletter ~ ? ~
Issue 1, 9.12.16
Keep up with all the news at #WOAP!
Written by columist @Leafmelody (On side )

I need to know if you still want to be a member, or else I will remove…
This is the room for all contests You can win prizes and other things There could be monthly competitions or draws However, random giveaways are not posted here! Only monthly draws and competitions All monthly contests/draws will be posted on Post #2 Have fun y'all

#WOAP's continuing so yeah X3
Yo promise the donations go to #WOAP? XD Jks
I'll add you when I think there's enough yes's to continue #WOAP

And guys you can ping @lailaluckyseal87 too

Thank you for the ping and wrote on my wall. I agree that #WOAP Club should be continue no matter what and I voted a YES. I'm really sorry to hear about Dappne...

Haha thanks ;D I think you should apply for a role, I think you'll be great since you already do such a great job moderating EC ;D
Nice But are you a member of #WOAP yet? o.O I'm not quite sure ^^;

Nice to meet you if you love wolves, check out #WOAP (Wolves of A Pack) club. You can contact @dappne6 to join, and participate in raffles, contests, fun, and trading and such . Why don't you give it a go on the trading?

Haha whoops I voted for no ^^; lmao But hey wait I changed my mind XD I vote for yes now Thanks for the apology it must've taken you hours to write it And I didn't want to donate at all but I 'thought' @dappne6 was my friend before she played us all…