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Accepted! Remember to add the hashtag WPWS to your profile though c:

Hello guys! Remember to add #wpws to your profiles!
@chicachicken (Replying from my side!)

The hashtag isn't working because of the parenthesis x3 Would you like to change your hashtag to CrazyPikiandTriskAdventures? Remember to add #WPWS to your profile though c>
Otherwise, yes!
Definitly not obvious, nah!! Wait, you're not BACON????? I never knew!

~What's your hashtag? Also add #WPWS to your profile. Otherwise added! Can't wait to read lol
Awesome! Smart, hidden meaning, bumbumbum!


Hello person! This is my sort of end card! Do you like to write in any sorts? Wana check out this writing forum? #WPWS

Username: femme

Story Idea: Centered around Prima, an Alkub rogue who gets pulled into a band of desert raiders (I haven't thought about my lore for a while! This will almost completely be new stuff)

A Hashtag for Your Story: #thickasthieves

Woah! This is a beautiful artwork! The description is long but nice
(Ancient greek?


Hello person! This is my sort of end card! Mind checking out this writing forum? #WPWS

My name is Jellifysh. Or, my school nickname is Waffle.

Story idea/basis: A former professor, now a professional maniac, takes an adventure. Meeting weird, illogical things and having an uncanny knack for making puns come true, this is his story.



Here be thy story!

Username: nightmaremoon12, but I go by hashtagnight nowadays.
Displaying the hashtag on your profile and application (as shown at bottom of post): #WPWS
Story Idea or summary: Numerous aliens and their adventures across the Milky Way. Traces of magic everywhere.
Make a hashtag for your…
*Insert thinking face* Okay (had to look at my essay lol XD) He was a greek king and fulfilled a prophecy on accident, bring forth disaster to his 'kingdom'. Tragic hero story c>


Hello person! This is my sort of end card! Mind checking out this writing forum? #WPWS

Thanks! Ok, I think I know what I'm going to do.


Username: pitch1226

Displaying the hashtag: #WPWS (Also in my profile )

Story idea: Undertale fan fic I'm sorry for how trash I am

Story hashtag: Haven't…
@stagfire THIS IS REALLY COOL! Could I join?

Username: shadow_girl

Displaying the hashtag on your profile and application (as shown at bottom of post): #WPWS (will put on my profile~ and done!)

Story Idea or summary: *this might be too long* Main character is a runaway with abusive parents. Starts…
Displaying the hashtag (as shown at bottom of post)-#WPWS
Story Idea or summary-A disease swept through the country of Gorgon and caused two chosen children at the age of 15 to have a special power. Star has the power of illusion and Reaper has the power to call on the elements and control them. They have to…
[center]Hello everyone, I made a topic where we can all share our writing together as a group. Hashtags will be an essential part of helping us find next chapters or just list the next post number when you updated plus the hashtag.

Our writing topic >>

Application to join:
[center]Hello you! How are you? Great? Good. I'm such a good conversation starter. Lol, nope. Well, anyways, since you requested it, here it is! Here I'm going to list the current mods, stories and other forum in case you're lost. Here things will be edited, written, etc. to keep the other forum for one thing. I'll soon be adding another…