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@miraeggs It looks nice, just a little plain. May I suggest the creature name 'Sakana' instead of Fishtail as it means the word fish in Japanese? Your choice, tho.

Mind checking out these topics please? ^3^ #nygc #mimousea #aikit
Hello there! Welcome to the New Year's Gift Exchange! (also known as the #nygc) I'll be your host for this splendid event!
~How to Play~
To enter, just feed the Feedlist (only 16) and choose a number from 1 to 20. I will put your name in the 'Participants' section.

Welcome to the New Year's Gift Exchange, otherwise known as #nygc!

This year there'll be a little twist in the way we're doing things.

There will not be a one-one exchange for pairs, but instead it'll be like a lucky draw. Everyone will get a gift by a certain date and when it's…