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Uh.. hi? Subscribe
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#1 · March 20, 2017 at 7:29 pm
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Lol welp, I'm new, so hey what's up y'all!

You can call me Shy or Bear

uh.. feel free to ask me questions and stuff

doyoueverwonder Alex says, "CAPPUCCINOS? WHAT CAPPUCCINOS?"
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#2 · March 20, 2017 at 8:00 pm
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Well, hey there Bear! Welcome to EggCave! I'm one of the players here, joined in December 2016.

First, head to the cave to get you some creatures.

Promise should be coming soon with all the important information.

Now, you see up there your username with an @ sign in front of it? It's called 'pinging' and you just put an @ sign in front of a username.

Here, you can try it with me.

gingersnapped Yo ho, yo ho, a ginger's life for me
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#3 · March 20, 2017 at 8:15 pm
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Hey! Welcome to Egg Cave! (:

pinksnow122 Hello everyone!
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#4 · March 20, 2017 at 9:07 pm
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Welcome! I hope you enjoy itvhere!

degong Aww... I didn't get any travels...
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#5 · March 20, 2017 at 9:54 pm
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Hello! Welcome to Eggcave. ^-^ I have created a helpful guide for new players who just don't know the "rarities" or "values" of their, and other player's, creatures. While I do not know individual values myself, I do have a little bit of information for groups. So, as Promise might say... here on Eggcave you can collect over 500 creatures! If you have the patience, time, and sometimes money. ^^"

A quick rundown of creature "rarities":

Commons: These are creatures that are available in the Cave. They aren't valued and the only time people pay for commons is for hoards (rarely) and for immortal commons (By the way, "immortal" means your creature is over level 2000 and cannot die). Sometimes they can be referred to as "junkies" or "junk eggs", as people commonly use them for buying/selling creatures.

Endangered: These are creatures that used to common, but are no longer found in the Cave. They can rarely be found in Leila Oasis, but players can spend hours refreshing the tab without finding a single creature. Creatures that have been endangered for years can be worth a lot of EC depending on the creature.

Available Monthlies: Called "Monthlies", these are creatures that are shown on the Site Blog at the start of every month, and there are exactly two of them. They represent the theme of the month, such as how February would be love, March would be luck/green, etc. These creatures always retire at the end of the month, meaning you can no longer find them in the Cave. They can be worth from 5,000 EC or higher depending on the popularity of the creature.

Retired Monthlies: These are "Monthlies", but cannot be found in the Cave. Old monthlies can go for millions of EC, sometimes even CC depending on the creature. Newly retired Monthlies can anywhere from 10,000 to 40,000, I've found.

Avaliable Cash Shop Creatures: Commonly referred to as "CSP", these creatures can be found in the Cash Shop Park. They require CaveCash, or CC, which requires real money. Sometimes people sell CSP for 5,000,000 EC, the equivalent of 500 CC, but I don't see this happen often. Normally, to acquire a CSP, you need 500 CC to purchase it in the Cash Shop Park.

Retired Cash Shop Creatures: Also referred to as "CSP". These creatures can no longer be found in the CSP, and over time their value rises from 500 CC to higher amounts. Popular CSP can grow to 1000 CC in value in just a couple of months, and extremely popular and old CSP can even go for 6000 - 10,000 CC! A few examples are the Nym and the Shaibun. The Gobbler, I know, is extremely expensive, going for ten thousands of CC.

Creature Release Week Creatures: Commonly called "CRW", these creatures are released into the Cave like Monthlies, but instead of every month, only in January. There are 7 CRW per January, and sometimes people can go crazy for them. They all retire at the end of January, so the second last and last CRW's are usually rare and coveted. CRW's are worth more than Monthlies, as you only have 7-1 day to acquire them.

Just remember that prices can change at any time, and that the value of a creature matters not on it's age, but on it's popularity. Also remember that everyone here is very helpful, and will be able to help you with specific creature values. ^-^

Also, if you missed it, here is a rundown of the currency here:

Egg Coins: Commonly referred to as "EC". EC can be gained completely free, by feeding creatures, winning "games", events, and from trading/selling with other players. A way you can sell your creatures to anyone for EC, you can put your creatures up for auction in the Auctions, found under the "shops" tab (Remember that creature values still apply here, so if you put up a Common for 50,000 EC, no one is going to bid).

CaveCash: Referred to as "CC". CC can be gained by buying it with real money in the Cash Shop Park. The reason why it costs money is stated here. Sometimes other players who buy CC sell it for EC. The commonly used ratio is 10,000 EC for 1 CC, so 500,000 EC gives you 50 CC, 1,000,000 EC gives you 100 CC, etc.

These currencies can be used to buy creatures, names, or CC (in EC's case) with other players, but they can also be used on the site. You can buy items in the shops to use on your creatures, the most commonly used type of item are called "travels". Once you use them on a creature, it shows up as a background. Once removed, travels cannot be reused, unless they are travels bought in the Cash Shop Park (called CC travels), which can be bought for 50 CC a piece.


If this seems like a lot of information to remember, just keep in mind that if you stick with Eggcave long enough, you'll learn all of this eventually. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me or any of the kind people of this site. ^-^

Also, this guide in no way explains the whole of this site. This guide merely explains creature rarities in-depth for your viewing convenience.

promise H1Z1: King of the Kove
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#6 · March 22, 2017 at 4:50 pm
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Egg Cave is a fun adoptables web site where you can adopt creatures, share them, take care of them, and make new friends. Mainly, you can collect and raise over 500 different creatures. You can get creatures daily at the cave. Creatures can die if you don’t feed them, but they will turn immortal at level 2000+, meaning they will not die. You can level up and grow creatures by getting them views, clicks and feeds. Feeding creatures is the most effective way to gain EC or eggcoins (the site’s currency). You can use EC to buy creatures, items and backgrounds called travels.

Words to know:
UFT: Up for Trade
NFT: Not for Trade
TNT: Transfer not Trade (do not offer)
UFA: Up for Auction or Up for Adoption
EC: Egg Coins (Currency - free)
CC: Cave Cash (Currency - costs real money)
CSP: Cash Shop Park Creature
TA: Travel Agency
PM: Private Message

When starting to trade, make sure you read peoples’ profiles and the creature profiles before asking them if something is UFT. I recommend learning how much a creature or item is worth before trying to trade for it.

How to feed quickly:
Follow these steps:
1) Ctrl+click all the eggs (that your computer can handle without lagging)
2) Click the first tab
3) Feed the egg
4) Hit ctrl+w
5) Keep your mouse in the same place (feed) and continue clicking then ctrl+w
6) Repeat

To get started, I would check out the Help & FAQ section at
Rules can be found here:

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Make sure you reply to people on THEIR wall and reply to people on the forums by clicking the bell or putting an @ symbol in front of their name so they get a notification called a ping. You can practice pinging me.

Have a great time on Egg Cave!

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