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April 7, 2016
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[ ETC -3 | USA ]

Hello! I'm Chemical, which is a username I've been using for about six years across more websites I can count, so some you you may know me from elsewhere! I was on EggCave years ago under a different name, but lost interest and time for the game. I've come back to try again!

I'm a pretty sociable person, though one that struggles with pretty bad anxiety so I often will not make the first move to starting a conversation; I like my safe little corner better haha.

I'm still in school, currently working towards getting into a program for public history to start a career in historic preservation. I'm always happy to talk about mythology/history/chemistry/video games/tv show/etc. I'm a pretty giant nerd when I have the time to be, and I'm always happy to find fellow fangirls haha.

My goal here is to collect one of as many creatures as I can, focusing on some of my favorites from back in the day[Roo, Mo, Battyrus, Balrogipuwet, Ghosty, Florn, Macaw, Olimpt, Nym, Drakomo], however there are a couple species that I just adore, and collect multiples of. ^^

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Hello just curious, would you be interested in a hinonia for a pachuma and a hydra? ^^ Thanks!

13 May 2016, 1:14 PM · Report

Oh my golly. XD /huggles/ Thank you! By the way, I don't suppose your Silvernot or 2 Pachumas are UFT? o:

12 May 2016, 1:03 PM · Report

By the way, I wanted to show my gratitude, but I guess I forgot. ^^" /hugs/ Lot #659221 Thank you.

12 May 2016, 12:52 AM · Report

Awh! That would be lovely yes! /hugs tight/ Thank you lad! /huggles/

11 May 2016, 1:22 AM · Report

Ahhh!! You are killing me man /hugs tight/ Thank you so much!! /wooooot!/ XD

11 May 2016, 1:20 AM · Report

The cave never gave me any. ;~; XD So I have to trade for all of them. D: With that, I don't know if Ill be on when the auction ends. </3

11 May 2016, 1:16 AM · Report

Hello! Would you be willing to take the two hydras out of the auctions and I'll buy both for 200k EC? I love Hydras!

11 May 2016, 1:15 AM · Report

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