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All hail the commons! #EOTYC January 5, 2017 at 8:17 pm
April 5, 2010
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Hey random person! Please get a life instead of sitting reading a strangers profile

Also if I randomly started a conversation with you then I am such a weirdo I just like chatting with people ^-^

You can call me Angel But also feel free call me by these totally made up nicknames I have been called!

~ Chicken wing, Breeze, Macaroni, Waffle, Bacon, and other weird food names that I randomly put here! ^^'

I guess I need to tell you some things about me My birthday is in June (Sorry I don't give out the year unless you are one of my good friends ^^') But I am between 10-18 ^-^ *cough cough*I really like receiving gifts I am a female and I live the United States. I'm not a very interesting person , but If you want to know I enjoy dance, drawing,eating all the time, and chatting with people. I would say that I'm very open and friendly person, (I try to be at least) so feel free to send me a message anytime! ^-^

I am no longer accepting random friend requests, sorry. I only add people who I have talked to and became good friends with. Please dont be offended if you send me a friend request and I don't accept it, I don't like having strangers on my friend list. I might just decide to disable friend requests in the future. Feel free to ask me for a friend request anytime though I don't bite, usually

Don't be afraid to ask if anything on this account is uft, but I probably will say it's not if you ask.

For anyone that's wondering I didn't actually join like 7 years ago. I originally joined in 2014 on my (deleted) old account ^-^ I actually took over this account from one of my friends

And yes, I have a side account in which I store my immortals and creatures I don't wish to evolve ^-^(its also a storage) Its not really a secret but I'm not gonna put it on here because I don't want them to evolve

Anyways if you read all this without dying of boredom, then congrats, and remember you ARE amazing ^-^

Izzy if you are reading this then, you are such a chicken wing XD

Note To Self: About 174 Lavender Lakes in strongroom

After some arguing with myself I decided to put a short wish list of creatures I want (I probably will never get them, but ah whatever, I can dream)

Oscoa [ ]

Tine [ ]

Nym [ ]

Sylvern [✔]

Gorri [✔] (visiting a friend)

Goal by 2018 ~ Get every star common ^-^
Star commons are at @angel_side.

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Poke, misu. Come on?

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Happy anniversary!

3 weeks ago · Report

Fed all

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1 Apr 2017, 5:30 PM · Report

Welp, didn't spam but now I have time to, SPAM SPAM.

1 Apr 2017, 11:29 AM · Report

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