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Will still give away stuff every Wed. until I decide not to. Just will exclude people from the generator that remind me why I want to quit.. March 29, 2017 at 12:05 am


Thief Shop


108 EC Species Names Here
74 RL Species/Breeds Names Here


[Do NOT post/PM topics on my wall. Just ping me to them.]
I will just delete them from now on because I am tired of people ignoring this or just too lazy to read.

Please do not start a multiple person PM with me. Leave me out of it. I don't like getting a ton of notifications that come with them. A ton at once make me sick feeling. From now I will not respond to the PM at all and just press leave.



- Critters are NOT UFT unless in the UFT tab, in the TC, on a recent topic, or @immortalravens_storage [minus the NFT tab]. You can offer but 99.9% of the time, it will be a no. I will ONLY consider OVER OFFERS for critters not in those places unless I offer them myself. This is because they are technically NFT and I don't wanna trade em so even if it is an over offer I probably won't trade. As said 99.9% of the time it will be no.
NONE of my canines will be UFT unless they are in the UFT tab/TC/topic. Might as well not ask because it will be a 1oo% no even if you made a HUGE AMAZING OVER OFFER. Even if it included a Pixgog so yeah...
Will not consider over offers of pure CC for NFT critters at all. Sorry I can get CC easily and not worth it at all for me to trade critters I worked my butt off for.

- Prefer you actually give me an offer over asking what I want.

- CC travels on UFT critters will NOT come with.
- Names also will probably not come with unless for a critter I REALLY want or ya offer a name I like more [depending on what the name is]. All names pretty much NFT.


Main List
Most Wanted:
***Pixgog Last / Any [will over offer by a lot]
*Flintar 1st /Any [will over offer but not a crap ton like Pixgog]

Middle Wanted:
**Arnmnae Last /Any [willing to over offer]
Clous Last
*Goldur 2nd / Any

Low Wanted
*Draqua Last
***Seiren 2nd / Any
Encalop Egg / Any

Still Available List
Thief Shop:
**Soetzal Egg*, 1st, 2nd, AND Last*
Star Commons
*Magmish 1st or Egg
**Smokemuth Any

Lowest Priority - Secondary List
Names I Would Die For
Travels I Seek
Always seeking more SoBs [favorite travel].
Non Priority Travels I Seek - This is mainly a personal note for me to grab em if I see em in the TA. Just want a certain number of each travel.

Want more of:
[Not offering critters from my UFT tab here for these four ^^^^]
Tervitas [will offer stuff from my UFT tab here depending on what - some I will not]

Do not ask me to do 2ooCC / 2 Mil EC for Cosmiathans. I have been getting them for way less. As with all CRWs JUST because they were in the cash shop afterwards does NOT mean it is worth that much. They were in the cave first. Making them worth less. People rarely even buy the CRWs from the cash shop. There have only been a few CRWs that went 2ooCC soon after they were retired. They were super popular ones and were available for less days than Cosmiathans were since the Cosmiathan was from the second day. Heck I can still find last years CRWs going for 5oCC or less. I have no idea where all of a sudden people figured they were worth no lower than 2ooCC because before like no one did except 1 or 2 people. Though mainly newer players asking that much for em so eeh.


UFT Critters

My UFT tab is in order from Least to Most tentative.
All my UFT critters are tentative. Some more so than some.
The only one that is not tentative at all is the Tidnab. xD

Everything I have UFT, I prefer to trade for main list critters.
Some that are not as tentative, I will accept thief shop or lowest priority critters.
Some I am not totally sure I'll trade for main list critters still but I might.

These are critters that aren't really UFT but I am willing to possibly trade for a Pixgog:
Crystar Last, Ecorth Egg Frozen, Yuiki 1st Frozen, Olmipt Egg Frozen, Eurog Egg Frozen, Adarna 2nd Frozen, Goldox Last, Corlinn 1st Frozen, Flyen Last.
Note: Some of these I might change my mind in offering. Some of these I might add onto my side for a Pixgog but won't do more than one of these in an offer for one. Some I will not add to for a Pixgog. I /might/ trade for a different critter on my main list but most likely not. Might as well not ask for these if you don't have Pixgog to offer.


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when r u doing the CC giveaway? Just asking!

2 hours ago · Report

*poke flowerlynx* yeah! it's really kind of you! btw, did you but or trade for that cc? O.o

5 hours ago · Report

Ny the way, it's really nice to give out CC vouchers like that. O.o

5 hours ago · Report

it should get down soon, but i thought it would already be ok by now! i have an appointment on april 3rd, we will see by that date!

6 hours ago · Report

at least, i do still have some pain pills! i'll take one just before going to bed! another annoying thing is the little stitches i have

7 hours ago · Report

the little thing is were i got my molar removed a week ago, it still hurt a bit!

7 hours ago · Report

7 hours ago · Report

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