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All hail the common #EOTYC January 4, 2017 at 11:11 pm
May 18, 2012
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Hello there! I'm Mastergemma and I'm a moderator here on Egg Cave. You may call me Gemma or mastergemma, I do not mind. On the forums there are ways to summon me (not 100% effective) which includes posting a question in the Question and Bug sections, by pinging me (putting the @ symbol in front of my username) or by posting in the Shoutbox (located in the Chit Chat). I hope you have fun

Please don't be afraid to chat, the weather is always a good icebreaker.

If you need help with trading or you're unsure of creature values, ask for some help! I will always help users who are unsure. I don't know exact values for every creature but I do know if the trade is unreasonable and I can provide a small guide to assist in learning creature pricing.

Species that interest me:
Flegga, Lemac, Aquolt, Ambrie
There's a lot more that I like, these are just the tip of the iceburg.

About me
I'm a fan of anime and manga. I'm not up to date with essentially anything as I do not have unlimited internet. I do borrow some from friends but even then it's not often. I recently completed Angel Beats, Stein's Gate and Code Geass. I plan on rewatching FMA:B one day.

I love Science, primarily Biology and Astronomy but I'm happy to talk about anything. I'm currently at university studying Science and Archaeology.

I enjoy music quite a lot and I will listen to all kinds of things ranging from 80 to current, screamo to pop and anything else under the sun. I'm currently listening to a lot of Sophie Ellis Bextor, Dido and Skillet mixed with some Sabaton.

I do enjoy games and my current favourites are Dark Souls series, Overwatch and Halo.

Egg Cave's fan made museum

#EOTYC: Don't change the profile creature!

: a great, friendly club for users to socialise and win creatures in the competitions!

Club: the proud creator of the group specialising in discussing anything Pokemon related!

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How much do you need? ^u^

10 hours ago · Report

Thanks ^^

19 hours ago · Report

I'll send you some more chocolates

22 hours ago · Report

Thanks for the feed!

22 hours ago · Report

I see you like pokemon What s your favorite pokemon?

1 day ago · Report

just amazes me a lot ^^

2 days ago · Report

Maybe they don't even need what living things here need to live, other than water. Actually I don't know much about astrology, but this -

2 days ago · Report

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