Wall: stevepat2002

galaxydancer • 15 minutes ago

thank you for the transfer but i need to wait 26 hours before i can accept

galaxydancer • 11 hours ago

hey, thank you so much! sstar1magmish the mannish looks really cool

telekinec • 19 hours ago

Anything for sale is over at @krystella.

shadowdragon28 • 1 day ago

All right, I set up a trade.
Trade #925873

shadowdragon28 • 1 day ago

Yes, one of them is uft. How much would you pay for one?

jlihere • 1 day ago

Sorry I am not interested in Stars. I have a few Star Commons that I got at the cave years ago that I wouldn’t mind selling myself. Lol. Thank you any ways. I may have a Krusdot for sell.

lexypie2006 • 1 day ago

it is okay

flummox • 1 day ago

I have some krusdots still uft for 25kec each

iia • 2 days ago

Hm... I'll try

iia • 2 days ago

Pretty tent on them. At least 50k each

lunacharm1037 • 2 days ago

ok thanks for letting me know

playermocha345 • 2 days ago

Here you go!! The Cave hasn't been treating me all too well, so I haven't been able to collect a lot. And well.. I'm going to be busy with school soon, so just take them!! It's not like a really need more than one anyways. Please accept!

lexypie2006 • 2 days ago

I have a trade up if you want to check it out

wizard • 2 days ago

Sorry, my Zalaeth was a gift, and it's NFT. I didn't know that, thanks!

rashka • 2 days ago


lunacharm1037 • 3 days ago

Do you still want the krusdots? If not let me know so I can sell to someone else

wizard • 3 days ago

No, thank you

ziggy_stardust • 3 days ago

Hello stevepat howeth areth youith todaiths

raccoon • 3 days ago

Afraid not, sorry! Good luck though

ashe • 3 days ago

Thanks for letting me know, but no thank you ^-^

iia • 3 days ago

I just saw the musical the other day (the phantom of the opera) And its AMAZING

missdream • 3 days ago

Feed all!

soniaexe • 3 days ago

I sent you a foicol @unolosperro if it helps

lunacharm1037 • 3 days ago

tomorrow is fine

stevepat2002 • 3 days ago

~~No comments will pass this point. Ever.~~

loveyoumore • 4 days ago

for this reason you being rude I am going to block you now.

loveyoumore • 4 days ago

Yeah, I have people that want to buy it. that has the Ec. but I told you I would let you know. I don't hold creatures for people.

loveyoumore • 4 days ago

okay how long?

loveyoumore • 4 days ago

Krusdot this one 50kec u i got one I need ec

lunacharm1037 • 4 days ago

50K ec