The Archives: Pendence

One file in the Archives reveals information about the Pendence. You read carefully to learn about this creature and obtain more knowledge about the mysterious species of Ark.

Evolution Points (3)

100 Feeds

200 Feeds

300 Feeds




Available Jul 4 - Jul 16, 2016.




1.7 m


805.58 kg

Population Rank

#551 of 853

Obtained From

Cash Shop Park

About Pendence Eggs

Pendence eggs are very well known for the salt crystal plating on their shells. This layer of salt is said to be created by the constant pounding of waves on them, also creating the tough hide of the hatched creature. These eggs can be found littered sparsely throughout the caves lining Ark's coasts. When light from the moon is shined on them, they create a beautiful array of patterns. Due to this, Pendence eggs are commonly used as light fixtures in parties and during large celebrations, as well as a natural lighthouse for sailors seeking to dock in Ark.

About the Pendence Creature

The Pendence is a creature adored by many. Researchers at the SARC have looked into this and concluded that the warm, excitable feelings triggered by the red on the Pendence's legs, horns, and torso combined with the calm, secure feelings triggered by the blue create a very endearing color scheme. Not only this, but the bright lights have an almost hypnotic effect on people and other creatures, providing a good defense against predators. Contrary to their popularity among the human residents of Ark, Pendence prefer to live in the wild in herds atop the mountains. One night every summer, the herds of Pendence will descend from the peaks and pass through Ark City in their migration path to the coastal caves where their eggs are lain and the newborns nursed. When these creatures pass through the city, some people call it a shower from heaven. The city lights streaming down on the crystal-armored Pendence create a stunning, almost surreal light effect. Some people compare this to fireworks, but with less noise. On this day, people celebrate and exchange gifts in hopes of new beginnings because of the laying of the Pendence eggs. Some citizens even claim that obtaining a crystal from a Pendence means that the bearer would most definitely have good luck in the near future.

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