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50 Beta Testers Added

January 5, 2017 at 9:00 PM      

50 MORE TESTERS - Fifty (50) more beta testers have been added to the version 3 test server. If you have been selected, you should have received a Notification and see a "Tester" section at the top of the sidebar.

To all new testers: please submit your bug reports under the Version 3 Beta Testing: Official Topic. Try and break the site!

We will continue to add more beta testers in the coming weeks, rest assured!

We'll let you in!

Comments: 25

poptarts · 8 months ago

Congrats to the other 49 who have been selected.

leafmelody · 8 months ago

Congrats to those 50 who got selected ;D Happy Testing

element · 8 months ago

Thank you for adding us!

raitonchidori · 8 months ago

Didn't explore it much yet. The most difficult part is to realize that things you do there won't reflect here. I'm afraid to trade creatures

jello · 8 months ago

ugh. im not beta.

dragonii · 8 months ago

Yeeeeeh, I can breaks the new site now.

raitonchidori · 8 months ago

I mean, I know I won't lose them, but explaining that to my brain is so hard lol

leafmelody · 8 months ago

I kinda like V2 though... Though I can't say anything cause I wasn't here for V1 and I'm not in beta testing XD

fakeworld · 8 months ago

@raitonchidori I can relate lol.

jello · 8 months ago

i guess its just old active people. as I've been on for what? 4 months?

jello · 8 months ago

so far, the others are at least a year old, if not3.

333 · 8 months ago

Congratulations, people that I don't know...

icesparkle22 · 8 months ago

Seriously? I didn't get picked again and I'm active Even if it means playing at 4:05 am congrats though!

poptarts · 8 months ago

@raitonchidori You'll be fine. I had creatures on the beta testing account that I traded a couple of months ago on the actual site.

poptarts · 8 months ago

@raitonchidori So it kind of proves that nothing on the beta test site is real. X3

cutiecupcake · 8 months ago

Congrats to those who've been chosen (lol not me) is it because I never log off XD?

mairbear · 8 months ago

Yay beta testing! Finally x3 I can't say I like the page formatting thou.... o_o''

jello · 8 months ago

what is the validity theorem for being beta testers? I'm active every day, but i'm new. is that it?

ethereality · 8 months ago

@jellifysh I've joined for 6 years now. No beta testing

jello · 8 months ago

@motivecat are you active every day?

ethereality · 8 months ago

@jellifysh yes

foreigners · 8 months ago

Congrats everyone XD Better luck the next few times, maybe

vfgangel · 8 months ago

Congrats to the other 49. I got lucky. Woot!

flowerlynx · 8 months ago

Congrats to everyone that got chosen (I didn't, being unlucky...). Hope you guys like it? I guess....

asbe · 8 months ago

I'll try to break it today ^^