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A Chocolatey CDWC Creature Has Arrived

January 9, 2017 at 12:00 AM      

WRITE FOR THE CDWC - Write for another creature that's now available for viewing in the Creature Description Writing Contest area. The winner of the description will receive the first creature of the species! Wow!

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jello · 8 months ago


poptarts · 8 months ago


mairbear · 8 months ago

Love it!

fakeworld · 8 months ago

Wowwwww! So adorable. 2017 will be the year of artwork, I can feel it.

maleficent · 8 months ago


sybil_howlett · 8 months ago

Such a cute creature

mrsgiggles · 8 months ago

Ooh, looks like a yummy snack!

immortalraven · 8 months ago

Cute Can't really tell exactly what it is xD Koala? xD

cutiecupcake · 8 months ago

At first thought of it as like some type of Spaniel? The ears? Anyone? No? Just me? XD ok

immortalraven · 8 months ago

@cutiecupcake I kinda did too but I looked again but then I saw koala /shot/

mastergemma · 8 months ago

@immortalraven I think it has the body of a koala and the face of a King Charles spaniel (especially the ears). I can't wait for its release

metaphor · 8 months ago

First thought was a dog of some sort, then a koala. In any case, it is cute.

cutiecupcake · 8 months ago

I absolutely love this 0-0 like my favorite stage has got to be the 2nd one. XD

cutiecupcake · 8 months ago

2nd stage is so chubbbehhh! I wuv chubby lil' creatures

momokie · 8 months ago

2017 is the year of amazing artwork ♡ I so cant wait. Perhaps this will be a Valentines baby?♡

fakeworld · 8 months ago

@momokie It has the theme "Chocolate, Valentine's Day, Chocotravaganza Event" so I believe so

animegirlalways · 8 months ago

Aw, this is so cute and I love all the stages.

kalessin · 8 months ago

Oh it's soooo adorable!

silverserpent · 8 months ago

It's clearly a chocolate koala. I would name it Chocoala xDDDD

novrain62 · 8 months ago

Aw, how cute

ethereality · 8 months ago

All three stages look the same

icesparkle22 · 8 months ago

@motivecat I stepped back a little and yes, they just look like brown lumps

moonwolfstar · 8 months ago


lenamilove · 8 months ago

What a beautiful creature! I love this art!

dragonnn · 8 months ago

Ooh, this is an awesome creature!

cutiecupcake · 8 months ago

@stellaluna lol yeah I get where people see a koala but I mainly see a type of Spaniel XD

jazzyleia · 8 months ago


izziebee1017 · 8 months ago

I hope it doesn't end any time soon, I won't be able to set aside enough time to write until this weekend.

poptarts · 8 months ago

@izziebee1017 I'm sure you'll have time. The creature shouldn't close until it gets closer to Feb I would assume?

jello · 8 months ago

@silverserpent I already took the name. Lolz

silverserpent · 8 months ago

@jellifysh You can write an entry for the name too, if you like. I don't mind. I'm not going to write anything. xD

jello · 8 months ago

@silverserpent I actually thought of the name before I read your post... you want me to pm my description?

silverserpent · 8 months ago

@jellifysh Great minds think alike, they say! Sure, pm it! But only if you really want to. You don't have to.

idol · 8 months ago

I like it. I think the first two stages look basically the same. So it would have just been fine with 2. But it is nice =)

leafstarofskyclan · 8 months ago

Ive been waiting for SO LONG for a new creature!!!

leafmelody · 8 months ago

Ooooh finally another Australian Animal XD What next? Platypus?

skyfall4 · 8 months ago

Hope I win!!! XP IT'S SO CUUUUUTE!

scratchy · 8 months ago

it looked like a bunny to me when i first saw it

leafmelody · 8 months ago

Finally something that's happy