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Alkub Racing and Sandrodon Bets Cleared Today

October 10, 2019 at 2:15 PM

Alkub Racing & Sandrodon Bets Cleared


As part of a back-end security update, your Alkub Racing bets and Sandrodons guesses have been cleared for today. Please resubmit your bets and guesses to be entered into today's competitions.

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sparklefox • 1 week ago

Thanks for letting us know.

Ian • 1 week ago

@sparklefox no problem!

lexypie2006 • 1 week ago

What???? I am confused

lexypie2006 • 1 week ago

What happend

Ian • 1 week ago

@lexypie2006 nothing. It was just a security update. Resubmit your bets/guesses for today's competition.

lexypie2006 • 1 week ago

ok thank you

stevepat2002 • 1 week ago

@Ian I wasn’t in them but curious, was the 1k ec in the bet returned?

Ian • 1 week ago

@stevepat2002 yes

stevepat2002 • 1 week ago

@Ian oh cool. This security update/blog post reminded me these things exist. Now I did them XD

mrsminnette • 2 days ago

How do i do this