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Beautiful Clover Travels

March 10, 2017 at 8:00 PM      

CLOVER TRAVELS - These clover Travels are now restocking at the Travel Agency.


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anthesia · 4 months ago

wild_wonders · 4 months ago

Forever been waiting for the whale CDWC pet to be released :/ It never happened.

333 · 4 months ago

Oooh, fancy shmancy.

nboez · 4 months ago

I agree with @wild_wonders

wild_wonders · 4 months ago

@nboez I agree with myself

nboez · 4 months ago

Haha...did you submit an entry? Btw, on EggCavity, it is called YearSeventeen

nboez · 4 months ago


wild_wonders · 4 months ago

@nboez I got the name and a few others that I think would be possibly the name of the new pet~

nboez · 4 months ago

@i had a name for it, but then I changed it to the EggCavity name...I am pretty sure that I told you...

solaris · 4 months ago

I can't decide which travel I like the best!

fakeworld · 4 months ago

Love the second one.

cosmia · 4 months ago

jellifysh · 4 months ago

The first one is great. The second, okay. The rest do not lie in my favor.

lykhaos117 · 4 months ago

The first looks like some sort of fantasy porthole.

Orderedchaos · 4 months ago

@wild_wonders @nboez Patience. 2017 is far from over.

nboez · 4 months ago

@Orderedchaos I know, but it is going by very fast

dragonnn · 4 months ago

Ooh, I'm feeling whimsical.

wild_wonders · 4 months ago

@orderedchaos Can't wait x3 | 6 Months later: New pet released! xD

motivecat · 4 months ago

@wild_wonders 9 months later on December 31st: New pet released! xD

wild_wonders · 4 months ago

@Motivecat Lmao wouldn't be surprised at all xD

spiritkoi · 4 months ago

These are really nice!

ambivalent · 4 months ago

Wew these are really pretty!

armageddondoll · 4 months ago

I may need to get a few of the second one, it's very cute n.n

leafstarofskyclan · 4 months ago

@nboez @wild_wonders I had a name for it that i quite like I cant wait for it to be released! @jellifysh AGREED.

jellifysh · 4 months ago

@Orderedchaos i really hope it will be available on November 11th... will it retire exactly in 2018 or earlier?