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Correction: The Choconom Is Not Limit 1

February 15, 2017 at 2:45 PM      

CHOCONOM CORRECTION - It was indeed a site error that caused the Choconom to appear as "Limit 1" in the Chocotravaganza Prize Shop. Only Cave monthlies are limit 1. The Choconom was not ever intended to be limit 1 and, in fact, never has during the event so far.

Multiple Choconoms are 100% valid! You're encouraged to collect as many as you want during the event. We apologize for the confusion.

Come and gobble me up!

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wild_wonders · 7 months ago


spectaclenest · 7 months ago

@clawstra @rashka @fainne_24 LOL

mairbear · 7 months ago

Ah man wish I knew this earlier! I woulda bought a few more yesterday to have the Feb 14th stolen date still it's nice we can get more~

silverserpent · 7 months ago

Oh, this is nice. Might consider getting more than one then.

asbe · 7 months ago

I need only one, but for ever.

rashka · 7 months ago

in real i heard people was still able to get more even if it was written 1!

333 · 7 months ago

Come and gobble me up! Dun du dun dun du-du-duh come and gobble me up! well there's my fun.

immortalraven · 7 months ago

I was hoping that is was a mistake ;-; Didn't make sense that it was limited 1 o-o

sony · 7 months ago

@immortalraven lol congrats x3

sony · 7 months ago

Can we know the exact date of when the prize shop is closing? I think this differs every year so I can't infer from the past. xD

sparklefox · 7 months ago

No, you're too adorable for me to gobble up! Thanks for the correction, by the way.

Ian · 7 months ago

@rashka yes, there was never any physical limit on it because it was never meant to be limit 1. so it was never enforced.

lykhaos117 · 7 months ago


rashka · 7 months ago

@ian hehe! first time pinged by you! cool! thanks!

ambivalent · 7 months ago

@mairbear I thought the same too. Oh wells

animegirlalways · 7 months ago

I thought it seemed odd that the Choconom said "Limit 1" yesterday. Glad to see/know there's no limit.

orchids · 7 months ago

Is it a Koala

valorie100 · 7 months ago


jello · 7 months ago

i will prob. only afford one. Then, i will start working for the Saugorapi...

dragrawr · 7 months ago

I don't wanna "Come and gobble me up!" do that! T^T your so cute darlin'!

stefrawr · 7 months ago

I want one SO bad. It's adorable. only 6 chocolates away from getting one!

murfijs · 7 months ago

umm still a question is it for this year only i now know its just one in shop but still is it can be obtainable every year?

Orderedchaos · 7 months ago

@murfijs This is a seasonal creature, so it will return next year. You can get as many from the shop as you have chocolates for.

jello · 7 months ago

For some reason, i get really antsy if there is no site blog post at midnight. It makes me even more annoyed when it is in the middle of day

nexu · 7 months ago

some more chocolates and I can get one ^^

murfijs · 7 months ago

this year i got a choconom and a saurogapi last year i got an ardeidor. i still need ami and plumelov cant chose which one this year.

momokie · 7 months ago <-- Help me solve the mystery??

cosmia · 7 months ago

@Orderedchaos How long is the prize shop going to be open?