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Dragold's Den is back! Happy St. Patrick's Day 2017

March 17, 2017 at 12:00 AM      

ST. PATRICK'S DAY - Happy St. Patrick's Day from all of us at Egg Cave. Dragold's Den is now open through 26 March, 11:59 PM! It's back!

DRAGOLD'S DEN - Visit the Dragold's Den once every 30 minutes (reduced from 1 hour) and try your luck at some amazing St. Patrick's Day prizes! The possibilities are:

  • Double feeding: increase by 2 feed stats per 1 feed
  • Double EC: get double the amount of EC from feeding for a time period
  • EC reward: you are rewarded handsomely with a sum of EC
  • EC stolen: sometimes the Dragold gets greedy, sorry!
  • Travel prize: from the Dragold's Den prize pool
  • Creature prize: which can be (1) March Cave monthlies, (2) Dragold Den's seasonals (Coinster & Nathare), or (3) the new Youngold creature below (a new DD seasonal)


NO SIDE ACCOUNTS AT THE DEN - Please do not visit the Dragold's Den with any side accounts. It would be bad luck to do so.

New this year:

  • Visit every 30 minutes, instead of every hour
  • EC rewards are more generous, when you receive one
  • We've added the Youngold and new Travels to the prize pools
  • Minimum boost times have been increased (on average, boosts will last a few minutes longer)

THE YOUNGOLD - It's not a redraw! It's not a replacement. It's a brand new, chibi creature that is beyond adorable. It's the newest addition to the Dragold's Den prize pool. The Youngold is only obtainable through Dragold's Den (not a Cave creature).

NEW TRAVEL PRIZES - New Travel prizes that can only be obtained through Dragold's Den (not the main shops) have arrived too! Lots and lots of rainbows! Yay!


Here's the total Dragold's Den prize pool this year:

bag_pipes.jpg clover_field.jpg dart_game.jpg fiddler_on_the_mountain.jpg
lucky_bonsai_tree.jpg giant_web_of_vines.jpg hedge_maze.jpg golden_stepping_stones.jpg


Comments: 113

icesparkle22 · 4 months ago


raccoon · 4 months ago

Missed the name. Loving the Youngold though!! It's soooo cute!

immortalraven · 4 months ago

I like this more than the Dragold xD So adorable. Hope I get one today ;-; Like the new travels too x3

mairbear · 4 months ago

Ooooooooh Youngold is so cuuuute XD

cutiecupcake · 4 months ago

XD The Youngold is interesting. So pumped

icesparkle22 · 4 months ago


immortalraven · 4 months ago

Sad Rainbow Falls didn't return though. But oh well

silkenoid · 4 months ago

I got a feed boost! Anyone need feed stats?

immortalraven · 4 months ago

But I am also kinda glad about it. So many seasonal type things have been here o3o

dragrawr · 4 months ago

@silkenoid my creatures would love a feed and at @commonsdragrawr

Orderedchaos · 4 months ago


silkenoid · 4 months ago

@dragrawr Alrighty ^^

dragrawr · 4 months ago

@orderedchaos yes I know

Orderedchaos · 4 months ago

@dragrawr Good for you. Others do need that reminder.

novrain62 · 4 months ago

♣ Happy St Patrick's Day ♣ !

novrain62 · 4 months ago

@Orderedchaos - shouldn't the Coinster & Nathare be added to the Total prize pool list at the bottom, too?

dragrawr · 4 months ago

Happy St Patrick's Day (wear green, DONT get pinched)

armageddondoll · 4 months ago

Happy St. Patricks day! ☘ The Youngold looks so sweet! Good luck everyone

dragrawr · 4 months ago

@orderedchaos - yea- I know-

Meteoroid · 4 months ago

@novrain62 Great catch. The prize pool has been updated. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Egg Cave!

novrain62 · 4 months ago

@Meteoroid - thanks

pet_cemetery · 4 months ago

Come on Dragold, give me something good. Its my birthday

armageddondoll · 4 months ago

@pet_cemetery Happy birthday!!

333 · 4 months ago

YES! ONLY HALF AN HOUR! I WIN! I hope this year I get a creature.

333 · 4 months ago

Hm. I still think I'd prefer a Dragold, but oh well. It's still a dragon I can add to the small collection!

veritaspunk · 4 months ago

Those top 4 travels really bring down the fun/anticipation because they're common ones found in the TA all year.

orchids · 4 months ago

I'm so excited

gamekatt101 · 4 months ago

Oh my goodness! That little guy is just ADORABLE! I honestly don't know which stage is cuter!

mrsgiggles · 4 months ago

I want a Youngold. And an oldold too!

metaphor · 4 months ago

Awww, it's really cute!

icymuffin · 4 months ago

That rainbow egg, whoaaa~ o A o

immortalraven · 4 months ago

/dies/ 5 times in a row EC taken

veritaspunk · 4 months ago

@immortalraven I've gotten a bit of everything including one of those common travels except an egg. I put my EC away so it can't be stolen.

nexu · 4 months ago

amazing, I have got a youngold it's so cute

dafni · 4 months ago

Great!! Hope to get some travels and eggs, last year I was quite unlucky TwT Feel free to feed here on @dafni and my side @evol

raitonchidori · 4 months ago

Am I the only one not happy with Youngold? X)

lykhaos117 · 4 months ago

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hoping to get all the seasonal creatures. Loving the updates.

silverserpent · 4 months ago

I sort of feel the Youngold is a repetition and therefore unnecessary, BUT the baby stage is KAWAII!! XDD

thursdays_dove · 4 months ago

The Youngold is adorable! Hope I can get one this year.

wild_wonders · 4 months ago


stagfire · 4 months ago

The youngold is amazing! So adorable!

asbe · 4 months ago

I want seasonal. Any seasonal. But nope... (sigh)

asbe · 4 months ago

And yeah! Happy St.Patrick's Day! It's a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig holiday where I live. Yet, I am not Irish myself, my Amarra is ^^

doyoueverwonder · 4 months ago


kitty · 4 months ago


spell · 4 months ago

The countdown for 'Next Time' is broken for me, it always displays 'NOW' no matter how many minutes are left until the next try

black · 4 months ago

The Youngold is adorable

sparklefox · 4 months ago

I need that Youngold right now.

foreigners · 4 months ago

So many prizes this year!!

novrain62 · 4 months ago

batting zero in the den thus far.