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February 2017: Double/Triple Feed Day

February 15, 2017 at 12:00 AM      

DOUBLE/TRIPLE FEED DAY - It's that time of month again! For today only, you can receive up to double or triple Egg Coins for feeding. Have fun!


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lykhaos117 · 7 months ago


flowerlynx · 7 months ago

That's exactly what I thought... XD

veritaspunk · 7 months ago

It just seems wrong to not get double/triple the chocolate too on double/triple feed day

333 · 7 months ago

Amazing! Soo good! I love it! Yesss! Thanks! I can't wait for more! Happiness! Amazing! Nothing better! I'm getting stronger! Wait, what?

aaalien · 7 months ago

Yay! What a wonderful surprise.