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Happy Easter from Egg Cave

April 16, 2017 at 12:00 AM      

HAPPY EASTER - Happy Easter to everyone at Egg Cave, from our team to you!

EASTER BUNNY - Another Easter bunny creature has been roaming around the Cave and will be doing so through the end of this month! Can you collect them? This is the Cotofly.

Congratulations to izzy for their winning Creature Description Writing Contest (CDWC) entry. The first creature of this species has been added to your account!

ICE CREAM EGGS - Finley's Flavors is celebrating Easter with these ice cream eggs! How delicious!


Comments: 51

poptarts · 3 months ago

Happy Easter to you all!

immortalraven · 3 months ago

It's an actual cave one this time

mrsgiggles · 3 months ago

Of course I didn't get one in my 10 tries. Boooooooo!

lykhaos117 · 3 months ago

Happy Easter!

immortalraven · 3 months ago

Didn't get one :c Hope I get one on my birthday though since it goes through end of month

kazumiizumi · 3 months ago

Got One in the 10th try *w*! it's so cuteeee

immortalraven · 3 months ago

If anyone gets one on April 22nd and it's for trade I'd be very interested

novrain62 · 3 months ago

Happy Easter, everyone!

stefrawr · 3 months ago

Happy Easter, everybody!!! I found one in the cave! so cute!! good luck everyone

immortalraven · 3 months ago

I got an Easter Mo And just got my Spoto Now to get some of the CCs stolen today c: Also Happy Easter everyone

inkpelt · 3 months ago

Nice! was thinking it would be cc creature for sure. Happy Easter everyone

oscoa · 3 months ago

Happy Easter guys! ♥ Good luck on finding Cotofly and easter egg

maleficent · 3 months ago

Yay got one and it's not for trade

fakeworld · 3 months ago

"no two individuals share the same exact floral pattern." Genius! @izzy

tash · 3 months ago

I dunno how i feel about this creature

dragonnn · 3 months ago

Great description, @izzy ! I like the fairy bunny.

sky · 3 months ago

Happy Easter everyone!

birdlover64 · 3 months ago

Happy Easter everyone, and congrats @izzy! A very nice description.

333 · 3 months ago

Oh, the Cave! Nifty.

inkpelt · 3 months ago

Hey, went to redeem cc voucher and in the 'redeem cc' page there is an extra travel at the end of new Easter travels. It's not in the cash

inkpelt · 3 months ago

shop though. Got some more things planned, eggcave? disappointed I can't buy it now, it looks really nice. Anybody else see this?

chocovampire · 3 months ago

I love this toy bunny

evolutary · 3 months ago

Nice! I managed to get one.

chicachicken · 3 months ago

Happy Easter Everyone ❤️

ami_utsukushii · 3 months ago

Hoping I get this today I got all my creatures today for the date! Happy Easter!

spiritkoi · 3 months ago

Yay it's in the cave!

cloud-n-bolts · 3 months ago

@inkpelt yeah I saw that I think it wasn't suppose to be their so they removed it as someone wrote about it in the forums

sybil_howlett · 3 months ago

Happy Easter and happy catching this cute bunny

silverserpent · 3 months ago

I adore bunnies but actually really hate flower patterns. Very indecisive about this little critter. ^^;

nanami · 3 months ago

Happy Easter!

sparklefox · 3 months ago

I didn't expect this to be a Cave creature. Happy Easter, everyone.

spiritkeeper5 · 3 months ago

Happy Easter...anyone got a spare male and female of these from today for trade?

motivecat · 3 months ago

OMG THANK YOU ECT thank you for this Cave LE gift instead of CSP LE like I said it doesn't reall affect me but it does help newbies

motivecat · 3 months ago

So much! They can get so much more things after obtaining these little Cave LEs

ginna3525 · 3 months ago

happy easter

silverserpent · 3 months ago

Got one! A male. Named it Cottonflopsy and now I kind of like it just because of the name. xDDD

doyoueverwonder · 3 months ago


say · 3 months ago


asbe · 3 months ago

It's a Cave creature? Okay then ^^ I was willing to get it from CSP, actually, this bunny is something.

asbe · 3 months ago

And yeah! Happy Easter! ^^

prairie · 3 months ago

Congrats to Izzy for a great description!! I might not be good at CDWC descriptions, but I really love the anticipation of when

prairie · 3 months ago

they might come out and who wins! Can't wait for new CDWC creatures!!

bgunny · 3 months ago

Happy Easter everyone!

spell · 3 months ago

I love seeing more LE Cave Creatures

motivecat · 3 months ago

@spell I agree so much

skyfall4 · 3 months ago


cclynn2855 · 3 months ago

yay, grabbed one!

jjlapple · 3 months ago

Happy Easter! If anybody has one uft, I would gladly trade for one. The cave's really mean... Oh well...

inkpelt · 3 months ago

@cloud-n-bolts wonder when they'll release it? It was a beautiful travel, don't you think?

cokealoka · 3 months ago

the cotofly is so cute! but the lineart bleeds out of the egg a little on that first stage