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Happy Lumisage Day

December 29, 2016 at 5:00 PM      

LUMISAGE DAY - Today, we're celebrating the happy Lumisage!

BAKED GOODS - These baked goods are now available from the Bakery.


THE LIBRARY - Leila's Library is now restocking this book about a Lumisage being in your stocking.


GENERAL FOODS - This Lumisage-themed lollipop is now available from General Foods.


TWO TOYS - These two Lumisage toys can now be found at the Toy Shop.


Comments: 6

moonwolfstar · 6 months ago


asbe · 6 months ago

I wonder what January monthlies will be...

silverserpent · 6 months ago

That last toy... adorable! xD

jellifysh · 6 months ago

still, you can't compare this to a soutenue squeaky toy.

raccoon · 6 months ago

They made a candle with a face look cute!! what!?

dragonnn · 6 months ago

...would the stocking survive?