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Hazardous Coffees

May 23, 2020 at 12:00 AM

Hazardous Coffees

This just CANNOT be a good idea. Now restocking at the Bean Sack.

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dreamii • 2 days ago

Love em'.

iris1929578 • 2 days ago

this is a very good idea

bunnyshadow • 2 days ago

The CAUTION only makes it more appealing.

aligator2008 • 2 days ago

You can drink these and become a ninja turtle.

duckhunter • 2 days ago

@aligator2008 or you'll get diarrhea for a week. Not a risk im going to take.

Ian • 2 days ago

@bunnyshadow you cannot resist!

poe • 2 days ago

These are great and I don't think I can be convinced otherwise!

pipkitten • 2 days ago

One venti biohazard coffee please, with whip.

sparklefox • 2 days ago

Not sure if drinking this is a risk I want to take...

asbe • 2 days ago

I'd buy a cup with that design in real life. For my morning coffee ^^

foxbit • 2 days ago

Pfft, the "Caution" one - "CAUTION! I haven't had my morning coffee - don't talk to be just yet."

chaotic • 2 days ago

@foxbit that's what I was thinking lol. The caution cups are out! When it's put away, then we can chat

stefrawr • 2 days ago

drink up, if you dare.

chapus • 2 days ago


ancientclaw • 2 days ago

Give me the forbidden beverage

rypnami • 2 days ago

oooh how fun!

foxesthebest • 1 day ago

i got one already going to give it to one of my creatures