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It's Valentine's Day 2017 at Egg Cave

February 14, 2017 at 12:00 AM      

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY - Happy Valentine's Day from Egg Cave to you and yours! We hope that today is a wonderful day for everybody.

The Chocotravaganza Exchange is back with more prizes than EVER!


CHOCOTRAVAGANZA EXCHANGE - Everybody's favorite gift exchange is back! The Chocotravaganza Exchange has arrived in 2017! Here's how it works:

  • Collect Chocolate Boxes while feeding creatures
  • Send and exchange Chocolate Boxes with your friends at the HQ
  • Use your Received Chocolate Boxes to purchase items from the Prize Shop

That means that this event is about giving and being involved with the community. Not many friends yet? Check out the Forums and begin to connect with other players. We're waiting to meet you!

THE CHOCONOM - Thank you to all of our CDWC entrants. The Choconom's CDWC winner has been picked! It's... drum roll please... izziebee1017! Congratulations! Thanks for writing an amazing description — the first Choconom ever has been added to your account.

THE PRIZE SHOP - All of last year's seasonal creatures and items are available from the Prize Shop again! The Choconom is this year's newest prize and will be a seasonal creature. We have also added four new Travels for you to collect, too!


And also, due to popular demand and our community's voices, we have returned the retired Poppy Plains travel as a prize this year!


CAVE MONTHLIES - Similar to year's past, you can also obtain this month's Cave monthlies from the Chocotravaganza Exchange Prize Shop (limit 1 per user, no side accounts), using your Received Chocolates from the exchange.


The Chocotravaganza Exchange ends February 20 at 11:59:59 PM ECT. Get collecting!

Comments: 112

icesparkle22 · 7 months ago


jello · 7 months ago


poptarts · 7 months ago

spell · 7 months ago

Name was already taken Dx

mairbear · 7 months ago


jello · 7 months ago

@izziebee1017 good job!

fakeworld · 7 months ago

Yay! Sending chocolates to whoever send me some.

metaphor · 7 months ago

I'm glad the Choconom appears to be exclusive? If so, super awesome. I miss those.

lykhaos117 · 7 months ago

Yay!!! So excited for Chocotravaganza!!! @silverserpent Look!

thursdays_dove · 7 months ago

Sadly, my computer died tonight. If anyone would be willing to sell me a choconom, I would be grateful. :/

April__ · 7 months ago

Yessss. So excited to get home and chocolates

mairbear · 7 months ago

Let the chocolate exchange begin *goes off to feed*

black · 7 months ago

Poppy Plains It actually happened!

icymuffin · 7 months ago

Eyyy! Poppy Plains is back! And have fun everyone! //chucks chocolate everywhere//

Ian · 7 months ago


valorie100 · 7 months ago

My first year actually doing this! I'll be happy to send chocolates to those who send them to me

lykhaos117 · 7 months ago

The Choconom isn't showing up in the Archives...

brad · 7 months ago

Send ALL the people chocolates!

shale · 7 months ago

Hooray!! Poppy Plains is back!!!!

icesparkle22 · 7 months ago

@valorie100 *mashes chocolate in face AND A CHOCOLATE FOR YOUUUUUU

spell · 7 months ago

@metaphor I think its seasonal though Unless you meant exclusive to the event in general?

bingo · 7 months ago

Eee thanks for listening to everyone about Poppy Plains!! How exciting!

metaphor · 7 months ago

@spell I meant that it'll retire rather than stay around each year like the others, if that makes sense.

sony · 7 months ago


spell · 7 months ago

@metaphor Oh ok, since it says seasonal I think its going to be coming back with the event each year

metaphor · 7 months ago

@spell I didn't see seasonal, just limit one, and it's not in the archives yet to confirm, which is why I wondered.

lunarstarz · 7 months ago

Can't wait to get the prizes, there's so many this year o! Happy Valentines everyone!

333 · 7 months ago

@silverserpent Poppy plains! Heck yeah!

spell · 7 months ago

@metaphor I think it says seasonal in the blog post, but didn't realize we could only get 1 o_o

metaphor · 7 months ago

oh i see, well, I guess it'll be a limited seasonal then, which is cool.

poptarts · 7 months ago

;-; Man, what's with all the seasonal creatures.

armageddondoll · 7 months ago

This is the first time I've been around for this! I'm excited!

immortalraven · 7 months ago

HUGE thumbs down on the newest one being limited to one.

immortalraven · 7 months ago

And aw, man another seasonal critter. That's all event / cave LEs except monthlies have been recently :c

immortalraven · 7 months ago

I am not even sure I want to participate this year. So many seasonal items and then critters too. I guess it's good the new one

ambivalent · 7 months ago

Yes Poppy Plains travel! I needed that hahaha thank you! And the Choconom looks like it could great friends with Nunnies lol.

immortalraven · 7 months ago

is seasonal since it's limited one but none of the others were :c And I don't need want more of the others. They don't

immortalraven · 7 months ago

usually sell well and usually people don't want them for newer seasonals since everyone trying to get the new one. And I like

veritaspunk · 7 months ago

@immortalraven Why can't there be a happy medium, a seasonal & an exclusive :/ Choconom great name

immortalraven · 7 months ago

the newest one the most >.< I'll get enough for it and some travels and probably stop after.

immortalraven · 7 months ago

@veritaspunk I agree >.> I miss the old events :c And this doesn't really help new people either with trading. I feel bad for some.

immortalraven · 7 months ago

Though at least the CRWs helped a lot of em. But like seasonals I am never willing to offer much for em and most others don't either.

immortalraven · 7 months ago

What helped me so much in the beginning when I couldn't buy CC were the event critters that retired. The 2012 Halloween ones

veritaspunk · 7 months ago

@immortalraven Yeah, but Choconom being limited seem underhanded, what a way to spoil the fun... and chocolate

immortalraven · 7 months ago

helped me out immensely and helped others at that time too. I know someone that traded just a few for a Draqua cause the

immortalraven · 7 months ago

person missed them and really wanted them. From the same person I traded those for Flar and Ahjoon. Though not AS rare as now

jello · 7 months ago

And this is why i hate being on mobile all the time.

immortalraven · 7 months ago

they were still VERY generous offers. I got a lot of credits and got enough for me and that trade and to sell some for CC >.> Now that is

stefrawr · 7 months ago

send chocolates to me! I'll send back!!!!!

immortalraven · 7 months ago

like impossible. I guess it being limited to one will sorta help new players now. But I'm still not gonna trade a ton for em