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Last Day for Creature Release Week 2017 Critters

February 15, 2017 at 12:00 AM      

RETIRING CRW CREATURES - Today is the last day to get your favorite CRW 2017 critters from the Cash Shop Park!


They retire tonight at 11:59:59 PM ECT.

Comments: 16

icesparkle22 · 5 months ago

Bye bye Lordy dragons miss ya

lykhaos117 · 5 months ago

Goodbye, dragons.

icesparkle22 · 5 months ago

Purdy dragons. Autocorrect get it right

degong · 5 months ago

So, ah, you guys gonna retire the Hydra anytime soon? ^^"

asi · 5 months ago

I will miss them but they were in the cave too long for them to be worth me buying them for 200CC a piece ^^;;

asbe · 5 months ago

And no potato dragon? ^^

orchids · 5 months ago

This was one of the best CRWs

veritaspunk · 5 months ago

@asi I think 50cc/100cc is more on target but we just have to roll with the price point already committed to.

asi · 5 months ago

@veritaspunk Yeah... I"m happy these were available in the cave as extra-long as they were, but it did do a blow to values o.o

veritaspunk · 5 months ago

@asi Imagine what happened to the Hydra's value, that's another rabbit hole

asi · 5 months ago

@veritaspunk I... never really wanted much of those though ^^" Also, it was the same with the Balrog o.o

April__ · 5 months ago

Good bye dragons. ❤️ You'll be missed.

dragonkeeper · 5 months ago

These where super cute

Orderedchaos · 5 months ago

Goodbye my precious dragon babies.

metaphor · 5 months ago

I bought the last one because I didn't get one from the cave. The others, though, i got plenty of.

dragrawr · 5 months ago

Good bye MY babies. As dragon queen this hurts-