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Luskrull Tomes

October 11, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Luskrull Tomes

Leila Library has some new Luskrull Tomes for you to collect. Beware... these books are pretty spooky! Fair warning.

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Ian • 1 week ago

Omg for whatever reason I love these extra much.

thedarkarcher • 1 week ago

These look really awesome!

dcmaster • 1 week ago

Ooooooo that’s super cool!

sparklefox • 1 week ago

Are they haunted or just popup books? A haunted book would be pretty cool, to be honest.

xxcouchxx • 1 week ago

These are really cool!

iia • 1 week ago

I love these Any reason for the random pop up of the luskrull?

Ian • 1 week ago

@iia spooky theme in general!

iia • 1 week ago

@ian I love them so much! Luskrulls are really awesome!!!!

lexypie2006 • 1 week ago

I have put one up for trade feel free to go look

brookie • 1 week ago

Hope to find these soon!