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November 2019 Trinket Travels

November 8, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Trinket Travels

More of your favorite Egg Cave species now have Trinket Travels of their own. Find yours restocking there today!

Comments: 5

jello • 1 week ago

The Reminsect stage 2 travel looks great. It's about time the coona got travels, too.

asbe • 1 week ago

I want to freeze my Reminsect at stage 2 now ^^

xxcouchxx • 1 week ago

Love Reminsect and Luciales travels

sparklefox • 1 week ago

The Reminsect and Luciales ones are nice.

Orderedchaos • 4 days ago

Luciales and Specouro travels at the same time?! More of my babies are starting to get travels.