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Pre-St. Patrick's Day Teddy Bears

March 15, 2017 at 6:30 PM      

TEDDY BEARS - Everybody LOVES teddy bears, right?! Collect these from the Toy Shop for your creatures.


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mairbear · 4 months ago


icesparkle22 · 4 months ago


stagfire · 4 months ago


raccoon · 4 months ago

Love the gold one

skyfall4 · 4 months ago

Carebears..... XD

lykhaos117 · 4 months ago


ammolite · 4 months ago


icymuffin · 4 months ago

@skyfall4 Just what I was thinking, haha~

skyfall4 · 4 months ago

@icymuffin Especially the blue one.... XD

fakeworld · 4 months ago

The last one

Meteoroid · 4 months ago

@skyfall4 Or are they Cave Bears...? I don't know, I tried. The bears are cute, though.

skyfall4 · 4 months ago

@meteoroid XD Yes, Cave Bears!!!!! XD But yes, they are so cute

doyoueverwonder · 4 months ago

No, WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN? So I found the clover bear, tried to buy it, it said, "TOO SLOW!!!" Why EggCave? WHY?