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Random Donations Have Stopped

January 4, 2017 at 3:00 PM      

RANDOM DONATIONS - Random and festive donations have stopped from the Donations Center. It was nice while it lasted!

Remember to donate some food for the hungry creatures of Ark!

Comments: 8

silverserpent · 6 months ago

Yup, it was very nice while it lasted.

sybil_howlett · 6 months ago

Yes, I loved it, thank you for the donations

veritaspunk · 6 months ago

I got a couple pieces of coal that's all, wonder if OPEC would want it ?, likely they'd say save it , A future "quest" would want it ?

jellifysh · 6 months ago

I have 25 pieces of coal.

mrsgiggles · 6 months ago

I have never seen anything in that place at all, hmm.

mindassala · 6 months ago

Thank you. I enjoyed it. It was fun finding items there from time to time.

333 · 6 months ago

Coal?! What about coal?!

poptarts · 6 months ago

@jellifysh Dang I have 47 pieces of coal XD