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Random Holiday Items Are Appearing

December 27, 2016 at 7:14 PM      

HOLIDAY ITEMS - Random holiday items have been appearing at the Donations Center, for a limited time! Who knows what you could find...

Feeling extra generous!

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raccoon · 6 months ago

Ooh, wonder what items have been appearing!

Ian · 6 months ago

@raccoon watch and see!

animegirlalways · 6 months ago


Ian · 6 months ago

@demons hehe yes!

immortalraven · 6 months ago

Interesting. I bet I won't get anything though :c

prairie · 6 months ago

Bunches of Christmas Joy there just now. >:L

immortalraven · 6 months ago

I was wrong I found some xD Was surprised o-o

jazzyleia · 6 months ago

Christmas stuff!!!!!

333 · 6 months ago

Yay, out of stock!

poptarts · 6 months ago

Do the items change or are they always the same in the Donation Center? @Ian Also hope your Christmas went well ian if you celebrate it.

Ian · 6 months ago

@poptarts thanks so much! it's a pool of items that are selected randomly.

poptarts · 6 months ago

@Ian Huh, they all look to be the same the last 4 times. Perhaps I missed the other items. X3 Thanks for answering my question.

btkrsh · 6 months ago

Out of stock xd

dragonkeeper · 6 months ago

Yes they are and this is xool

elephants · 6 months ago

yay managed to find some

Ian · 6 months ago

@elephants yay congrats!

disney · 6 months ago

Are they new items or just random holiday items? o:

promise · 6 months ago

@disney there are some new ones

raitonchidori · 6 months ago

I hope CC vouchers are considered as holiday items as well

firedawn · 6 months ago

Whoo, found some stuff in there! x)

dragonkeeper · 6 months ago

Today is my birthday

elephants · 6 months ago

@ian thank you

asbe · 6 months ago

Out of stock :/ Maybe someday...

Ian · 6 months ago

@asbe keep trying!

asbe · 6 months ago

@ian okay ^^

veritaspunk · 6 months ago

I'd find it amusing if this coal could be turned into diamond

jellifysh · 6 months ago

I've gained 4 pages in my strongroom because of this

jellifysh · 6 months ago

Note: The Coal is unobtainable unless through this, so make sure to get it first, so someone else can't take it. It will be worth a bit

jellifysh · 6 months ago

@ian Can you please close it down now?