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Sad Slices of Cakes

January 8, 2017 at 12:00 AM      

SAD SLICES OF CAKE - These very sad slices of cake have arrived at the Bakery. Ho hum...


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jello · 8 months ago

Fee fi fo fum?

cutiecupcake · 8 months ago

Wil the cakes be happy in my tummy?

cutiecupcake · 8 months ago

Still mad these blogs getting me anxious for CRWs 0-0

ethereality · 8 months ago

@cutiecupcake same

cutiecupcake · 8 months ago

@motivecat glad I'm not the only one XD

asi · 8 months ago

why are they sad. i don't understand ;_;

poptarts · 8 months ago

@asi Because they're not being eating fast enough?

scorpio · 8 months ago

Why is the theme this month so sad? 2017 is not that bad so far

veritaspunk · 8 months ago

@asi Yeah he theme is Gray, but why must Gray be associated with gloom and doom ? It's actually full of complexity, not just gloom.

333 · 8 months ago

Oh, you poor, poor cakes. I have some friends I'd like you to meet. The chips in my stomach would be delighted to make your acquaintance...

icesparkle22 · 8 months ago

Eww the first one looks like the coal Nebby gave us

animegirlalways · 8 months ago

They may be sad but they still look yummy.

silverserpent · 8 months ago

@veritaspunk I agree it this 110%! I don't think this month's creatures are very gloomy at all.

jello · 8 months ago

when are we going to get another CDWC or CRW announcements?

jello · 8 months ago

Oh, and CRW will most likely start on January 15th. Based on previous CRW events, they have always started on Sundays.

icesparkle22 · 8 months ago


April__ · 8 months ago

I'm hungry now, haha.

veritaspunk · 8 months ago

@silverserpent I'm also wondering if we'll have an official 2017 creature. You could say the Hydra was a 2016 standout, right :/

marner · 8 months ago

Me tho....

daffy73 · 8 months ago

i like cake...but not being sad.....i wonder if that means i do or dont like this...haha

dragrawr · 8 months ago

Guys its a WHirlz cupcake`

veritaspunk · 8 months ago

@stellaluna You could say the emotions gray appeals to isn't so "black & white"