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The Koin is the Fish of Gold

March 16, 2017 at 12:00 AM      

THE FISH OF GOLD: KOIN - St. Patrick's Day is full of gold hunting and we're kicking off the celebrations a day early! The Koin, the fish of gold, has been discovered in the Ark River and is ready to be adopted at the Cash Shop Park.

This creature will retire on 31 March at 11:59 PM ECT. Don't wait too long!

DRAGOLD'S DEN - Our annual Dragold's Den event returns tomorrow at 12:00 AM ECT on St. Patrick's Day! We can't wait to reveal what we have in store! Who's ready?


IMAGE/LAYOUT ISSUES - Any loading issues that you may have had with images or the layout itself should be resolved. Still not fixed? Please send in a ticket.

Comments: 56

dragrawr · 4 months ago

AWW I needed the name

dragrawr · 4 months ago

awh I wish I could get one- they are in the cash shop? darn they are just too cute

immortalraven · 4 months ago

Don't really like the 1st stage but other stages I like x3 Glad I don't like all stages this time. Too much CC going to quickly

immortalraven · 4 months ago

cause of it >.<

veritaspunk · 4 months ago

I get an Aquolt and Kesk vibe

jellifysh · 4 months ago

So... There will DEFINITELY be a new creature or plot tomorrow.

immortalraven · 4 months ago

It's not in the archives?

asi · 4 months ago

Beautiful. Getting me some Koin for sure~! ^U^ (Note: not in Archives yet) o.o

immortalraven · 4 months ago

I like 2nd stage most I think x3

jellifysh · 4 months ago

Based on wording, it is going to be better or more eventful than last year.

jellifysh · 4 months ago

"We can't wait to reveal what we have in store!" triggers more things in my brainhole than Nymphadora Tonks.

dragrawr · 4 months ago

o^o why tomorrow?

jardoz · 4 months ago

How long does the event usually last? Just one day?

ami_utsukushii · 4 months ago

I love the last stage

ami_utsukushii · 4 months ago

@jardoz until the end of March I believe

mrsgiggles · 4 months ago

Bought one and named it Lana-Doo-Ray just because. How does one hatch it though? PS: Looking to buy Onnekas Trinket Stage 4!

jellifysh · 4 months ago

@dragrawr because tomorrow is saint p-trix's day

333 · 4 months ago

Ooh! I see what you did there. Koi-n? AAAaaaaaaaAAAhh!

333 · 4 months ago

If I had a Koin, I would freeze it in the child stage and make it my profile headshot.

mairbear · 4 months ago

Ooooh the 2nd stage is adorable I'm gonna get one tmr when it's actually St. Patricks ^^

asbe · 4 months ago

Fish is really cool, but will wait until tomorrow.

iridescence · 4 months ago

Oh this is great!!! These will look so great in my aquarium side, how exciting!

thaliel · 4 months ago

I'm on holiday, so I cannot do any event

ushafuse · 4 months ago

the second stage of the koin looks ridiculous

noah · 4 months ago

Omg I love it

lykhaos117 · 4 months ago

Last stage is cute. Wish it was in the Archives though. I'm really excited about Dragold's Den.

spiritkeeper5 · 4 months ago

anyone got a koin for sale?...third stage looks cute...i wanna be an artist for egg cave now...

noah · 4 months ago

Woot, got myself one! Love this style of art , it's really beautiful.

murfijs · 4 months ago

koin isnt in the archieves

kitty · 4 months ago

The last stage is so cute!! Not the biggest fan of the other stages though lol

tash · 4 months ago

Like the last stage, child stage looks ridiculous- i can see it's based on the telescopic goldies but still.....

tash · 4 months ago

Not digging the art style if of the teen stage but seriously considering obtaining an adult

thebest · 4 months ago

To get the teen stage you need 1000views to elvolve

ada · 4 months ago

Ohh it is so cute, but I'm so not financially prepared for it :c

doyoueverwonder · 4 months ago


Orderedchaos · 4 months ago

This creature's archives page is now viewable.

raccoon · 4 months ago

LOVING the koin!!!!

sparklefox · 4 months ago

That's one cute fish.

spell · 4 months ago

I love the last stage

leafstarofskyclan · 4 months ago

@spiritkeeper5 I sooooo do too! This fish is great. The second stage honestly cracks me up. Just...look into its eyes...XD

lucas · 4 months ago

Awww ): want one!

solaris · 4 months ago

I love fish creatures! I can't wait to see what's in store for us tomorrow!

333 · 4 months ago

Open you eeeyyyyeeeees, and seee... This fish's eyes staring straight back at you...

spelunker · 4 months ago

WANT. If anybody want's to sell/trade one, ping me FIRST!!!

black · 4 months ago

Anyone else think the baby stage is oddly endearing?

spiritkoi · 4 months ago

Cool! Last stage is my favorite. Kinda want to get one...

chicachicken · 4 months ago

One of the cutest fish

stagfire · 4 months ago

OMG! The koin last stage is adorable!

dragrawr · 4 months ago

I really wish I can get one

veritaspunk · 4 months ago

@spelunker @dragrawr I'd sell CC for EC - 2m since this is a LE