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The Toy Drive Is Back

December 3, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Toy Drive Is Back


The Toy Drive in Leila is back! Here's how it works: donate your toy items to the Toy Drive in exchange for Toy Tickets. At 8 PM every day, there will be a drawing to win any 2019 Cave Monthly. The more Toy Tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning are for that day (tokens do not carry over to the next day).

The next drawing is at 8 PM ECT.

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jello • 1 week ago

Yay! Michael is back!

jello • 1 week ago

The Advent Tree gives you 1,202 EC. Your Cave attempts have been reset for the day. You receive Cinnamon Cappucino. It's now in your Inventory.

xxcouchxx • 1 week ago

It says it's not open though?

peppermintcowboy • 1 week ago

Oh, cool! This is new to me. looking forward to playing.

zircon • 1 week ago

@xxcouchxx Yeah, it does. OOF! Same thing happened with the cash shop. : O

Orderedchaos • 1 week ago

I've let Ian know that the toy drive didn't open on schedule. Please have some patience, it should be open by morning.

xxcouchxx • 1 week ago

@zircon Right.. excited about the raffles, though good luck everyone!

marner • 1 week ago


Ian • 1 week ago

@xxcouchxx @marner @Orderedchaos it's open! Fixed.

jello • 1 week ago

@Ian muchos gracias, senor ian

iluvhellokitty • 1 week ago

Yay I hope I win! good luck to everyone! I been collecting toys for this drive for 4 days

sparklefox • 1 week ago

I personally never use this, but it's still nice to see it return every year. Good luck to anyone who is participating.

achimenes • 1 week ago

Woo hoo! ~

qerrats • 1 week ago


brookie • 1 week ago

Hoping to win a nice creature!!

samaritan • 1 week ago

is there a visual list of the creatures anywhere? I took a brief hiatus this year so idk what most of those look like (and it's a pain to go through the archives manually)

jello • 1 week ago

What a time to be alive. There are two items in the Toy Shop. Oh dear god. I'm glad I started stocking up on toys in November.

lokisonoflaufey • 1 week ago

@samaritan If you type the names of each creature into the Archives, it gives you a picture of each creature c:

zircon • 1 week ago

So do you get a notified if you win something?

bubblez • 1 week ago

I have a few cheap toys in my shop if anyone needs some!

Ian • 1 week ago

@zircon @bubblez sorry! The Toy Drive didn't go off last night. It has just been processed.

prairie • 1 week ago

@Ian Haha, toy shop say's last winner was @hollyvian, who has reportedly has been inactive for 10 years. xD

zircon • 1 week ago

@Ian Oh, okay! And @prairie, XD! It does say that.

zircon • 1 week ago

@prairie, I got a notification saying that bribri1114845 won, lol.

mami • 1 week ago

Would love the option to turn off toy drive notifications tbh.

dragistar12 • 1 week ago