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Updated Version 3 Transition

4 days ago      

VERSION 3 TRANSITION - Egg Cave will be transitioning to version 3, an updated look and design for the web site, on 24 April 2017 beginning at 9:00 AM ECT. It's the same game and community you love, with a brand new look!

Like the previous transition, we estimate that this maintenance will last between 6-9 hours. During this maintenance, the site will be offline and you will not have access to your account. About 2-3 hours into the transition, your creature images will be back online.

We're back and confident in this transition!

Since the last attempted transition a few weeks ago, we discovered multiple points of failure that we believe we have fixed. We apologize for the downtime on that day and for any inconvenience caused. We're much more confident in this second try at version 3 and are confident that the site will run better than ever.

Thank you!

Comments: 57

sky · 4 days ago

So excited!

birdlover64 · 4 days ago

Yay! Can't wait ^^

immortalraven · 4 days ago

Thank goodness it's not on the 22nd lol. And on a day I won't be able to be on as much x3

superpandastar123 · 4 days ago


lucas · 4 days ago


umbregrl · 4 days ago

Can't wait!

petowner12309 · 4 days ago

But... But...

raccoon · 4 days ago

Attempt number 2! Go Eggcave go!

chicachicken · 4 days ago


Orderedchaos · 4 days ago


fakeworld · 4 days ago


jellifysh · 4 days ago

I just transferred a third of my cove to @honeybadger when it could've been a lot easier with V3.

element · 4 days ago

If it doesn't work again...just...just...leave eggcave the way it is! xP

_black3333_ · 4 days ago

Darn, I was hoping it would take longer, lol. I'll miss v2, it looks better. Good lucky with the transition, I supppse!

Orderedchaos · 4 days ago

@element It has to change. You want to new features added to the site, we need to update the code, we cant do that in v2.

kat-chan · 4 days ago

Well hopefully I guess everything will work out this time Ima miss V2 a lot though :'c

gogetavegito2498 · 4 days ago


dappne6 · 4 days ago

;( I like V2

element · 4 days ago

@Orderedchaos - I know, I was j/k. I'll have an eggcave withdrawal if the update doesn't happen this time.

dragonfairy · 4 days ago

I cant wait Go eggcave.!

shale · 4 days ago

Looking forward to it once again!!

icymuffin · 4 days ago

Ohhh! Good luck! I hope this goes well! d(o v o)b

jjlapple · 4 days ago

GoodLuck eggcave....but I love version 2 I'm thinking of quitting if I don't like version 3 much... (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)

tash · 4 days ago

Better not leave us in suspense again x_x

mastergemma · 4 days ago

@jjlapple Like all things new, it will take some time to get used to. Give it a long, hard thought and a few weeks before deciding.

jjlapple · 4 days ago

I know...

jjlapple · 4 days ago

@mastergemma I don't really like changes...but I know I have to deal with it in life so (i'm not quitting)

lykhaos117 · 4 days ago

So excited!

novrain62 · 3 days ago

I will miss V2, too I really think it's beautiful. I must have thought that on V1, also, but I don't remember now hahaha Good Luck!

prairie · 3 days ago

Best of luck to Eggcave Staff!! I know you guys can do it!!

icymuffin · 3 days ago

@novrain62 Sometimes I still kind of miss V1's dark, dark green and grey. Felt a bit like a cave, haha~

jellifysh · 3 days ago

The part I am most excited about is more frequent oasis and ts and 20 creature lots.

novrain62 · 3 days ago

@icymuffin - definitely! lol

degong · 3 days ago

Yay~! There are so many new, amazing features I'm looking forward too. Go Eggcave Staff~! ^-^

wolfplay245 · 3 days ago

OOOOOOOO so excited!! you guys are great and im glad i came back to this wonderful site!

veritaspunk · 3 days ago

@raccoon @element The saying in Arkian society must be "Second Time's A Charm" instead of a Third.

element · 3 days ago

@veritaspunk - Ooooh, that's perfect! xP Better be or I will really get eggcave withdrawal on Monday if waiting 6-9 hours was just in vain.

thaliel · 3 days ago

keeping my fingery crossed it will work out this time.

veritaspunk · 3 days ago

@element Then again in a sense that could mean V2 or Attempt 2 at V3 .. or both :shrug" I just hope it doesn't look like St Paddy on LSD

element · 3 days ago

@veritaspunk - I just want coves and creature profiles to be neat and compact ;.; What do you consider LSD to be? Too much green?

veritaspunk · 3 days ago

@element My creature image on right instead of left on my profile was trippy enough

asbe · 3 days ago

Still not sure I will like it very much. New auctions are... weird :/

murfijs · 3 days ago

some time ago v3 started crashing my browser i hope its fixed

sybil_howlett · 3 days ago

YAY I can't wait, I really love V3 but I'll miss V2

333 · 3 days ago

Wooh! Good luck!

jellifysh · 3 days ago

@asbe I don't use auctions that much, so... I'm kinda neutral to that change.

sparklefox · 3 days ago

Let's hope it's alright this time.

asbe · 3 days ago

@jellifysh Well, I do...

skyfall4 · 3 days ago


solaris · 3 days ago

Woo hoo! Come on Version 3 update! You can do it!