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Welcome To April And Happy Easter

April 1, 2024 at 12:00 AM

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! We're celebrating it today at the start of the month. It's time for our annual Easter Egg Hunt! Who's ready to collect them all and receive their prize?


This Month's Unvaulted Creatures

The Sheap and Feep have been unvaulted this month for 1000 CC each. Get yours while supplies last! (Not an April Fools Day joke!)

Cash Shop Monthlies

The Duillech and Xai have arrived in the Cash Shop for this month! (Not an April Fools Day joke!)

Cave Monthlies

April brings the Plasmenne and Caramole as well. Many thanks to @disney for their suggestion of their Caramole. The first of its kind has been added to your account for free with the Creator's Mark! (Not an April Fools Day joke!)

Prankey Available April 1-3

The Prankey is available April 1-3 in the Cave! This is a seasonal creature. Do not visit the Cave from your side accounts. (Not an April Fools Day joke!)

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt

The annual Easter Egg Hunt is back! We've hidden 30 small Easter eggs for you to find and collect around Egg Cave. They are small and can appear on any and all pages. When you see one, click it to collect it! Players who collect all 30 eggs can claim the prizes below. It's the Strawabbit and four Travels that can only be obtained from the Easter Egg Hunt!

Now, visit the Easter Egg Hunt HQ to get started.

A Bunny's Collection Bunny In Chocolateland Empty Easter Egg Basket Four Easter Eggs 

Easter Egg Hunt HQ

The Easter Egg Hunt will be open today through April 9 at 11:59 PM ECT. You must complete the hunt and claim your prize before then.

A Note On Event Difficulty

Eggs become progressively harder to find the more eggs you collect. The last 5 eggs will be the most difficult for you to find. If you're not seeing them, keep at it! They will all appear! Do not expect to find all of the eggs in a single sitting; expect to find them all over a few days. There isn't any rush or special reward for completing the event the quickest!

Egg Hunt Rules

Easter eggs are hidden in different places for each user, so there isn't any use in sharing where you found them with others. Their locations and links are unique to your account and are completely randomized, including the links to find them. Copy and pasting links won't work.

Abusing multiple accounts to get multiple Strawabbit creatures is not allowed—multiples of this creature will be removed from your accounts if you obtain multiples via the Easter Egg Hunt. Do not participate in or complete the Easter Egg Hunt from your side accounts.

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