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25 Feb 2017
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About Janot Eggs

Janot eggs become very moist before every major rainfall. Want to know what the weather is actually going to do? Ready a Janot egg!

About the Janot Creature

Janots, in legend, are the Gatekeepers of the Rain Forest and are said to keep watch over the rains to ensure that every part of the forest is watered.

In terms of behavior, Janots congregate in and construct shared living spaces in the most lush areas of the rain forests of Ark. They function much like a small tribe and take care of their own, leaving none behind. They are willing to organize against other creatures that might seek to harm their Janot villages but rarely resort to the killing of other creatures.

Janots do not make great pets a part from their tribes. It is best to allow them to be a part of their native tribe and visit you at their convenience. For this reason, there really isn't such a thing as a Janot "owner" in Ark.