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12 Feb 2019
3 Dec 2020
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About Shengxiao Eggs

Shengxiao eggs have a rather sophisticated appearance about them. They are as fragile as they are beautiful.

About the Shengxiao Creature

An ancient species of landfowl, the Shengxiao was first domesticated thousands of years ago by an early Arkian civilization. The purpose of its introduction is presumed to have been in response to predators targeting livestock; underneath a Shengxiao's elegant exterior is a carefully-crafted muscular system capable of delivering powerful strikes with its razor-sharp spurs. The unsuspected offensive capacity of Shengxiao helps to dissuade the predators most commonly found patrolling farmlands.

Very strict regulations have been implemented on Shengxiao usage and breeding because of the sacred connotations associated with it. Not only is the slaughter and consumption of Shengxiao considered heavily taboo on the island, it is punishable by law.

Grand-scale festivals are held near the beginning of each new year as a means to pay tribute to the Shengxiao.