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28 Jan 2023
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About Alcarsh Eggs

Alcarsh eggs can be found floating in marshy ponds. The thick coating of algae on the these eggs not only helps to incubate them but provides excellent camouflage.

About the Alcarsh Creature

Alcarshes can be found throughout Ark, but their primary home is Ark's forests. Alcarsh are solitary creatures, only rarely will you ever see more than one Alcarsh at a time.

The plant life that grows upon an Alcarsh's back and antlers is not actually part of the creature. It is a side effect of the Alcarsh's tendency to spend time in algae covered pools. The plants do not trouble the Alcarsh. In fact they serve as camouflage from predators and as an emergency snack.

Based on the Moose from North America.