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7 Nov 2023
24 Mar 2024
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About Tenalp Eggs

Tenalp eggs are the heaviest egg in Ark. Because Tenalp eggs are so heavy, Tenalp Lifting Contests have begun in downtown Ark City. To date, no human has ever been able to lift a Tenalp egg.

About the Tenalp Creature

Lo and behold, the magic of Ark! An egg that births an entire planet! Due to the highly advanced electromagnetic properties of a fully evolved Tenalp, they cannot be in close proximity to other Tenalps, because they are naturally repelled (although Tenalps do not hold any hard feelings against other Tenalps). Since proximity to other Tenalps is an issue for this species, they have created a highly advanced method of communication that involves cosmic stardust. Little is known about this method of communication between Tenalps and how it is conveyed and translated... but needless to say, it is referred to as "stardust communicating."