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20 Dec 2023
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About Bulbrigar Eggs

Bulbrigar eggs are snow white in coloration and decorated with small strands of Christmas lights. These lone strands are able to light up even though they're unplugged, since the eggs produce a magical type of static electricity that powers them.

About the Bulbrigar Creature

Bulbrigars are a type of parrot that are typically only seen near Ark City during winter. They begin their nesting season in late November when Arkians start to hang their Christmas lights. Bulbrigars love nothing more than bright and colorful Christmas lights and will take individual bulbs to decorate their feathers. Bulbrigars produce a special type of static electricity that not only powers the lights, but also holds them in place within their feathers. They will also use their razor sharp beaks to cut off bits of light strands and weave them into their nests, which gleam with color when the bird comes into the vicinity.

Due to their destructive nature when it comes to lights, many Arkians consider Bulbrigars a nuisance. Attempts to dissuade them from cutting light strands have been unsuccessful due to their intelligent nature, but it is rumored that they will not touch your decorations as long as you leave a pile of lights on your roof for them to take.