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About Canosh Eggs

Canosh eggs, by themselves, cannot hatch without some kind of enchantment. In this particular case, Canosh eggs are blessed by the magical Aosidhe fairies during incubation.

When Canosh eggs aren't charmed, the leaves on the egg are first to die. After the leaves die, the unborn creature inside meets its doom because the egg cannot maintain homeostasis.

The Aosidhe and Canosh are inexplicably linked, despite how unrelated and different they are as species.

About the Canosh Creature

Baby Canoshes aren't highly productive, require a lot of attention, and cannot protect themselves. Essentially, they sleep all of the time because Canoshes experience the biggest growth spurt of their lives between birth and 6 months of age. If baby Canoshes do not get the necessary amount of sleep during childhood, they will not evolve into independent adult creatures.

During mid-life, a Canosh's leaves begin changing from green to bright mixes of orange, red, and yellow. In the ever-changing and colorful jungles of Ark, they can easily evade predators whilst moving about on the ground.

Adult Canoshes are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the family's burrow. They use their matured claws to dig tunnels and collect food and items around the jungle, to bring back to the burrow for consumption.

A Canosh's favorite food is the tangerine! Give them one and they'll love you for life.